Have You Ever Met Anyone Who Likes Hip-Hop

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    and doesn't smoke weed?

    I haven't. Every hip-hop festival or concert I have been to has been the biggest group of stoners I have ever witnessed.

    Now, I'm talking classic hip-hop and shit that is generally revered as epic. Now I know everyone has their own preferences, but to me, classic hip-hop, starting all the way from Buffy and The Phat Boys, Easy E, and Run DMC all the way to current greats like Nas and Lupe has to include Wu-Tang Clan, Dre, B.I.G, Pac, Cypress Hill, Fugees, Jay-Z, Eminem, Mobb Deep, AZ, Pharoache Monch, and I'm sure there are more that I left out and it is all up to personal preference, but you get the idea. Overall that is a small but fairly objective look at the classics.

    I'm just curious really, something about listing to hip hop and blunt smoking that just go hand in hand. I'm sure there are people who love shitty radio rap and don't smoke, but I'm talking about real hip-hop.
  2. Yes. I know several people now who only listen to rap/hip-hop, and don't smoke weed.

    Not that uncommon
  3. My probation officer in highschool listened to Master P
  4. You just happen to know more people who smoke bud and also listen to hiphop... its a coincidence.

  5. Same. I know more people who listen to punk and smoke.
  6. everyone i know who likes hiphop smokes

    i definitely dont think it is a coincidence

    when i started smoking, i actually noticed i started liking it a lot more. the rhythms feel so good and smooth when youre high. i love rhymes and love to freestyle when im high. it is so natural

    i love cool calm pete, mos def, intellekt and the dirty digits, a tribe called quest...etc
  7. i know a lot of people that listen to hip-hop/rap that dont smoke.
  8. I went to a twiztid concert about a month back, and before anyone got on stage, at least 3 blunts were lit and were being handed around
  9. havent met many yet,i dont really know many people who listen to Pac,Biggie,Mobb Deep,Eazy,Dre,pretty much any good rappers like I do,most people I know listen to shit today like lil wayne and other shitty rappers
  10. Yeah, I work with a hell lot of people who listen to hip hop and don't smoke weed.
  11. This is what I'm talking about. What is it that makes it feel so natural? There has to be a way to describe that feeling.

  12. yeah man, as soon as i saw this thread i knew exactly what you meant.

    im not really sure what it is, but my friends feel the same way.

    it flows so good, the sounds are primal... like tribes beating on drums
  13. i know many guys who like urban music (rap hip hop) who smoke weed. they also like to listen to it while high

    hip hop / music in general goes hard when high, its no wondder.
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    Its euphoria from the music. Your enjoying and taking it in 100% and nuthins on your mind (especially troubles), but the beats, its the greatest feeling ever. :smoking:
  15. I could tell you why so many people that smoke weed listen to rap vice versa, but thats top secret information.
  16. I am an avid lil wyte/3 6 mafia/ hypnotize minds listener

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