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Have you ever had a weed party ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DerviceStoned54, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. My birthday is coming up the 30th of this month, I plan to have a marijuana party with friends everyones bringing weed :D
  2. never had one for my birthday, but lots of 4/20 parties
  3. seems like an everyday thing to me.
  4. every party is a marijuana party
  5. sounds counterproductive if you ask me
  6. Weed party in my house ALL DAY ERRY DAY :smoke:

    God dammit I'm baked
  7. BYOBV. Bring your own bottle of visene.
  8. that basically a big sesh? am i wrong? unless im missing facts, not flaming or anything. on birthdays that tends to be what happens around here. although, its not really a change of scenery.
  9. stoner bonfires are fun as shit. fire looks so epic
  10. But of course, but never a "birthday" like 10 (well depending how many peeps), 30 racks and a lot of ganj and you'll have a dope time.

  11. Yeah its like a big session but with liquor too, and damn where are you from where I'm from people don't even do that on there birthdays lol.
  12. Yes, every time I go to my dealers.
  13. Two zips. and 5 boxes of dutches.
  14. 420 party i went to. Weed sampling with 42 different strains. And the owner of the house was a glass blower so at 4:20 he raffled off a few pipes and couple very nice bubblers.
  15. Never had nor went to one
  16. Yer, a camping trip with some mates. 16 grams of skunk between us. After about 4 grams to myself i puked and sat in the same place with the same expression on my face for the rest of the night.
  17. [ame][/ame]

  18. I would have one but i don't smoke random weed i like to look at it touch it and smell it before i put it in my body. But a reefer party would be cool. I once smoked a ounce with like 8 people and my eyes were firey red couldn't even go home looking like that
  19. back in the day we used to call them "puond partys",every one pitched in and got a lb
    and everyone brings all their bongs,pipes,papers and blunts.
  20. I've been to a lot of house parties where weed is being smoked, but it is not the 'theme' or the 'rule' so to speak.

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