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Have you ever dealt with an unreliable dealer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bamboobam, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. #1 Bamboobam, Jun 20, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2013
    Man, today was crappy. I was supposed to meet this guy at a certain time. I waited 40 min. plus it was hot and I told him I was leaving. Then after that he wanted to ask if I was busy tomorrow even though he agreed to giving it to me today. Get this, this would of been the 2nd time buying from him. The first I asked for 2 grams worth ($20) and he only told me once we met he only had 1.5 grams ($15). I was like wtf man! :devious:  But I played it cool and went into the grocery store to break my 20 into 15 :/.... And I hate unreliable dealers. Have you guys ever dealt with an unreliable dealer(s) before?

  2. Not for very long. :smoke:
  3. Yeah, but I've been using one guy for over a year now and he is reliable as fuck! Almost always gets it same day.

    One is my very own brother who always burns every body he deals with, pinching bags, lame excuses as to why he doesn't have the weed or money, goes MIA and you never hear from him for weeks.
  4. I have a friend, who also acts as my dealer at times, that makes me wait hours for hook ups. One time I was promised a quick and easy hook up, and it took me about two days to finally get my deal. 
    The sad part is, he is also my best dealer. It takes forever for me to get a hold of him, he takes forever to do anything, and he is also the middle man, yet his hookups have always been the best. 
    I have another dealer that tends to never be home when I REALLY need him, but I guess that is my fault for not asking for his number.

    A word of advice though, have more than one dealer. Especially if you are going to be smoking everyday. 
    Have one dealer that is a friend. Because a friend can also get hook-ups for you. More herb, less money. 
    Have one dealer who is just a dealer, but not the guy you have now. A real drug dealer. The second guy I talked about, isn't my friend. But I come over so often he calls me his best customer and tends to hook up deals. 
    Keep the dealer you have now, but use him in emergencies. Perhaps just wait for him to come to you for deals, or when all your other dealers are out. 
  5. That sucks...

    But for real, I've probably had 30+ occasions of that same/similar story. It could be worse.
  6. #6 Cobra Commander, Jun 21, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2013
    You mean that dude who always throws you the old, I will be 10 minutes text, and takes a whole fucking 30/40 to show up? I was in that boat awhile back... Sucked.
  7. Absolutely. I've picked up my dealer and his groceries from the super market, then I drove him back to his house and helped him bring in his groceries. He did give me a dub extra though.
    I've also drove 45 minutes to pick up and when I got there he didn't answer his phone because it either died, he got too high, or he was somewhere else. So I basically drove for an hour and half (probably closer to 2) for nothing.
    It's a nightmare here, man. Lucky I live closer to him now so I get over there quickly before his phone dies, or he falls asleep...or just isn't there.
    Really trying to move to Colorado or California really soon. 
  8. my delar is pretty good. phone him up and he delivers it with 30 minutes. have had to wait a bit on a Saturday night but he is still pretty good. i have other dealers around when my guy is out he has only been out one in the year i have been using him 
  9. Mhmm.  My first "dealer" was always unreliable.  He was my friend, but damn he is a terrible "drug dealer".  I can remember times when I would hit him up for weed and he would always be like, "I can't get it today, but I got you tomorrow."  Tomorrow would come and then he would come up with some bullshit excuse about how he couldn't get it today and that he will have it tomorrow.  I quickly found someone else because with this dealer you basically have to give him a week advance or something.  He was really nothing more than a middle man. 
  10. Yea almost all my dealer, my most reliable dealer always had it but he got raided so he doesnt sell anymore
  11. Yeah I was gonna buy an eighth from this guy and he made me wait an extra like 3-4 hours, but in the end it worked out, he hooked me the fuck up with 4.7
  12. I bought from a girl a few times, and, say she said "Meet me at _______ at _:__ PM", she would be late every single time (20-30 minutes). Once, she just didn't show, and texted me at 10:00 PM (like five hours later) saying to pick up then. 
    Needless to say, that was the final time I bought from her. 
  13. yeah when i was younger thsi happend to me all the time mostly because their teenagers n shit but now i got a couple of steady dealers
  14. My current hookup (well my old one now, because his stupidity inspired me to grow), usually made my wait outside the back of his house, he kept saying he would be 5 minutes, and I ended up waiting 30. Almost all the time, i should have learnt from the first time.
    It wasnt even dank, it was 30% crumby stuff.
    The last time I picked up from him, he said we would be 20 minutes, so I said leave it. I saw his friend, and he had weed on him there and then. we can a quick and smooth deal, he gaveme his number. Then as I was walking back, I see my dealer, and said I got hooked up from him. The dealer then takes my phones and deletes his number.
    That same say I deleted the dealers number, because he still hasnt learnt it has to be treated like a business.

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