have you ever been in an accident?

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  1. I mean i guess everyone gets in a crash at some point in their life, but i actually havent been in an accident where i was driving, only when i have been riding in the passenger seat.

    So, what about you, have you been in an accident yet, and was it your fault?
    or if you have been in several, what was the worst you been in?

    The worst for me was last winter, my friend and i were driving on the interstate after it had snowed/rained and he was driving faster then he should have. So as were driving we see cars ahead with their hazards on and a cop car with its lights on. He went to change lanes to give the people on the shoulder more room and when he did the car started to loose control and he over-corrected him self and we ended up sliding sideways going 50 mph into a parked police car. My friend got a wreckless driving ticket, a broken collar bone, and a totaled car in the end, and the cop wasnt in his car. That was the worst car accident i have ever been in.
  2. 700 Vforce Quad Off 20 foot cliff, 7500 from aflac, didnt seem worth it!!
  3. Driving to school going 40 45mph and see someone in the right turn lane ahead of me just parked there I think wtf and just keep going right when I get behind her she pulls a uturn and we slam fender first into eachother. I think I drove up her hood and flipped it idk all I remember is impact and seeing a curb a couple inches from my head (damn halfdoors) so I climb out of the passenger door out of a cloud of dirt(went 4wheeling weekend before). Its some somolian girl and she says she has no license or insurance so dont call the cops.... I just laughed at her and said look at my car. bunch of cars stopped and called the police though.

    Heres some pictures





  4. (Back in 96) Some dude ran a red light in a brand new pt cruiser, Me and 94 mazda b2200 going 70mph did not fare so well. Two broken legs, wrists ,thoracic spine (herniated disks) head.... blah blah after all send and done pot saved me from my 5 year addiction to a hell of a lot of pain killers. Now 3 joints a day and I am much happier with this addiction :)
  5. I once got a little dent on my car from some girl who was driving. She backed up without looking. Insurance company paid me 1.5k for that dent. I kept the cash and just pushed the dent out with my hands. All fixed and 1.5k extra to spend.
  6. Yeah, but I don't remember it. Was just a toddler and some lady ran through a stoplight smashing the car I was in.
  7. I got rear ended on the highway while sitting in traffic.
  8. Tree or telephone pole?
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    Rolled 3, totaled 7 and wrecked 9.

    My family says I should have gone into racing. .

    I have been in 4 other bad wrecks where cars where totaled where I was a passenger. .
  10. Well he is a communist so I am guessing it was a small American child :p

    1 - Late at night I was making a left turn into a parking lot. Took it a little fast to beat the oncoming traffic, and crashed head-on into an all-black SUV with no lights on who was in the middle of the driveway. He was cool and didn't even want to exchange information. Said he could buff it right out and he drove off. I was alright with it because I didn't want an accident on my record. I had AAA already to tow the car, and the repair work was barely more than my deductible would have been anyway.

    2 - I was making a U-turn in a residential neighborhood and school zone. I pulled a little to the right to allow a large enough turn radius, and this girl came speeding up behind me, and tried to pass on the left side because she thought I was turning right. Well I wasn't expecting anyone to be going 35-40mph in a 15mph school zone so I made my U-turn and she T-boned me. We exchanged insurance information and I thought all was well; I made it to work without being late. Well this bitch called the cops and told them I left the scene of the accident, etc. etc. The cops call my boss and tell her "I need to return to the scene immediately" so she tells me I'm not working that afternoon and to go.

    3 - After a very traumatic near-death shroom experience, the next day I had to drive across town to the power company for some BS paperwork or something. I was a little bit distracted and totally rear-ended some lady at a red light.

    4 - An old guy in a small SUV slammed on his brakes for no reason in front of me and I rear-ended him slightly. He later told me he was "still learning to control that vehicle" and that's why he stopped. But he was very cool. Took a bunch of photographs of both cars (his bumper was scuffed a little) and paid to mail me a copy of all of them, with a note that said he wasn't going to claim any damages and I didn't have anything to worry about.

    5 - A pedestrian ran out in front of a car (against the almighty red hand!). The driver in front of me slammed on her brakes to avoid killing the pedestrian, and I rear-ended her. She was a hottie! Married, though, like all the good ones :(

    I think there are a 6th and possibly a 7th fender-bender buried somewhere in there, but I'm not sure...
  11. Jan 1st 2010, I was driving my gf's sister's ninja up to the store to put gas in it to keep it running well, as she was recently in an accident and couldn't ride. The store was only a couple miles away, and as I was coming up on it, literally not even 200 yards off, I was passing a shopping center. An old lady was at the stop sign, and just as I was coming to pass, she decided to pull out to cross in front of me. I smashed right into her and rolled over her hood and flopped on the ground. I sustained a shattered heel, two bulging discs and a herniated disc. But her insurance paid for it all and all I have to show for it now is a bad back

  12. Maybe quit tailgating people???
  13. When I was in the 4th grade a trucks tailgate flew off and hit our 1992 Toyota Corrola while going 70 mph, no damage at all though besides a scuffed windshield, scary as fuck though
  14. this. a cop backed in front of my friend (who was speeding) and we went off the road.

    if hitting a deer and not doing much damage counts then i did get in one.

    and backing into someone and not doing damage...
  15. hit a cow once... it got out of the pasture we set the cows in when we go off-roading. muddy as hell that day and it just never had a chance.

    tasted good though.
  16. A friend of mine hit a cow and his gf at the time flew out the window and died :(.

    I've been in a couple. I found the only round-abound in Corvallis Oregon after a couple blehyl blurr vodka drink. My 98 f150 hit that concrete block at like 50 mph. My insurance paid a $800 bill to the city to set that block back in place with a fn backhoe at like midnight lol. It took 3 men of course, there pay was part of the itemized break down lol.

    Luckily, damage was minimal. Broke an axle tube but I needed to get in there to replace a transfer case bearing anyway.

  17. 5 point safety harnesses steel tubed roll cage and a steel square tubed push bar. my truck came out of it almost unharmed. broken headlight and my grill got a bit smashed in.

  18. sure... you just happened to be driving this down the road and hit a cow?

  19. did you not read my first post at all? this happened on a farm when the cow got out of the holding pasture

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