have you done anything weird or goofy when high?

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  1. i used to know so many people who do stupid shit when high. i remember this one guy who would always be like "dude if i smoke anymore im gonna get a heart attack" another guy used to drink heavy cream straight, went :what it tastes good"

    so do you or anyone you know do anything stupid or retarded when high?

    if i get super baked sometimes i bounce up and down going HO HO HE HE HA HA HER HER HU HU etc.
  2. what is "weird"

    maybe its diffrent, or a bit queer
    but its all relative

    maybe acting "normal" or boring
    is weird

    maybe youre just weird.

    maybe im weird
  3. If doing weird or stupid shit when youre high is wrong then I don't want to be right.
    Geeking to the max with friends is one of the best parts of being high. My friends and I always sing and dance when we are high, we make up songs too lol.
  4. nah you guys are completely missing the point, this isnt supposed to be mean or make people feel bad, this is supposed to be a place where you can tell silly things that they do, aka shit that makes you giggle. like i knew a guy who yelled GRENADE everytime he farted after he blazed.called himself general butthead.
  5. I know someone who poops, wipes, and washes hands in 30 seconds every time.
  6. Does laughing loudly/hysterically because you and a friend think people are staring at you while you eat at a Village Inn count?
  7. occasionally I'll feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack, though it happens when I've been drinking as well. gotta stop getting up and moving so fast.

    cant say I do anything weird when high, just mostly like to chill out and do normal shit. if I'm with the right people I'll watch tv on mute and make up dialogue, but again I dont think its that weird even sober.
  8. oddly enough, i would giggle like tigger from winnie the pooh whenever i would hit a bowl [already high by now]... as i always envisioned myself looking like some junkie or crack fiend lighting up their pipe--sad thing is, i was hotboxing my bathroom while doing this... in front of a mirror.
  9. I have a chronic paRanoia of shitting my pants so I constantly make sure I haven't shit myself in public
  10. Look at myself in the mirror until my vision goes out of focus and it looks like im just a floating head...
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    I remember one of the first times I got stoned I went to the movies. We went out the front of my friend's bottom floor room (it's a weird house) to the front and had our bong hits then his dad drove us to the movies. We were both noobies so we were arguing over who would buy the tickets. Eventually I said I would.

    I got to the counter and was really nervous, just as I said 'Transformers' or something like that my voice cracked HELLA loudly. My friend immediately (it felt immediate, might have been five seconds of awkwardness who knows?) stepped in and asked for the correct tickets since I basically froze up right afterwards.

    Then we watched Transformers with popcorn and coke :smoking:

    As for doing weird and goofy things, it depends how weird you want to get. On another one of my first occasions I couldn't stop moving my arm for about a full 30 minutes. Just the forearm while I was sitting on the couch, going back and forth from my shoulder to fully extended.

    Edit: I heard a story about these guys who kept on telling people how one of the guys during a sesh had nearly had a heart attack so they called an ambulance for him. This was probably six months ago so I just laughed at the guys and told them he probably just had a panic attack. They insisted he was worse but four noobies all stoned judging whether or not someone is having a heart attack isn't likely to end in them all calming down :laughing:
  12. When I would first get high I would imagine everything was dancing like this:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjp0h3fLhFQ]Swing39 (Django Reinhardt) par Julien Pacreau et Triple Scotch - YouTube[/ame]
  13. when i get high, i pretend im a race car with a 6 speed transmission. with a top speed of 18mph(on foot thats pretty fast) i put a piece of metal on me and sprinted full speed at a speed trap. got 18. but i do engine noises with my mouth.
  14. [quote name='"superstoner3"']when i get high, i pretend im a race car with a 6 speed transmission. with a top speed of 18mph(on foot thats pretty fast) i put a piece of metal on me and sprinted full speed at a speed trap. got 18. but i do engine noises with my mouth.[/quote]

    Haha I just imagined how that scene must have looked to anyone watching, "WTF, does that person thing they're a racecar or somethin'?"
  15. I once pet my friends leg for a full 45 seconds thinking it was my dog.

    I looked up from my iPod to a whole room of people looking at me like WTF?
  16. Haha I got another one. My friend and I were out the back of his house and just randomly we start talking about how if we played GTA4 as real life, how many stars we could get. I said I probably wouldn't be able to get past three stars unless I had some serious weaponry.

    Then for some reason we started pretending we were using all the weapons at the side of his house making all the RPG and machine gun fire noises.

    That was a pretty fun night, reminiscing about how when we were little our parents watched us play GTA Vice City for the first time to make sure it wasn't violent. Then one of the first missions is to chase some guy down the street with a chainsaw.
  17. This thread is the story of my life, I did plenty of weird/goofy shit when I'm blazed, in fact I still do. I remember when I was ridiculously blown, I remixed the whole "I believe I can fly" into "I believe I am high" (LOL I smoked a shit ton of Sativa) it was such a masterpiece!

    One time after smoking with some girls and some bros, when we enter the school, I started saying "wazzupp" and starting to choreograph dance moves, geeked and then went to class.

    When it comes to putting imagination + creativity onto real life, Weed tends to help brings the visual + ideas. Damn I love weed!

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