Have to quit for awhile =[

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  1. Damn this sucks, my ass got slammed with a drugtest I had no time to detox, they got me on the day before I smoked and wouldn't let me go or anything. I took the wizz quiz and I know I failed, they should of just asked me if I would fail instead of wasting their time and money, but shit happends. I have to go to sodat now (services of drug abused teenager) I'm not a teen so I have to have a probation officer, I have to start seeing him on June 20th. So heres how it goes.

    I have to start on June 20th and for 14 weeks (1 day each week) I cannot smoke or anything. Each time I go there they drugtest me. This kinda sucks. It's like being forced to quit no matter what your views on it or what their views are on it. I really don't see the problem in smoking except for it's illegal. And it's not drug abuse at all, which is the fucked up part. So now I have to quit for like 4 fucking months!? Bullshit. This shit is retarded. Hopefully they'll cut it down. Because when I went there he said "We will have an evaluation to see if you really need this program or not. So I kinda need help here.

    What should I say to make them think I do not need this program? Do you think I should say I smoke once every 2 weeks? Cause I really don't want to be in this shit for 4 months. And should I really tell them my views on it? This is my views.

    I really do not see any harm in marijuana sure it causes short term memory loss, but I really don't smoke that often so it shouldn't affect me greatly, and even if it does I am willing to pay that price. It doesn't make me stupid, it actually makes me creative and I realize alot more stuff when I'm under the influence. Most the commercials lie about it and use the scare tatic also. The only bad part of it is the illegal part. I'm a very mellow person, I do not cause trouble and I'm not a violent person nor have I done anything wrong while I am under the influence.

    (I can't say this is my first time as this is my 2nd violation.)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Shit man, that really sucks. How long do you think ull be able to quit for?
  3. Well I haven't smoked since I got drugtested, and that was like 2 weeks ago. And me, I can control myself so I'll be able to quit for the 4 months.
  4. No DO NOT tell them your views on weed they dont care because if they did then they wouldnt b testing you jus keep you cool and if you do gotta quit for 4 months then start a grow it bout time you get off you should have some nice buds to come back 2

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