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    I was charged for violationn 23222B (Marijuana or open container/driving) a few weeks ago, I was just driving into a parking lot and a cop pulled me over and gave me this ticket because my friend had .5g on him.

    The first thing I was wondering is whats going to happen in court? Is the judge gonna ask me a ton of questions or what? I smoked on 420 and am freaking out!! is he going to ask me when i last used marijuana?!?? The second thing I was wondering is there any way to get this off my record?..

    This was a misdemeanor btw.
  2. Dude, first of all, relax. It's not the end of the world.

    Look up the infraction online. Your local county website should have more info on it. From the sounds of it, you were ticketed, not arrested on the spot, so chances are it's a misdemeanor and nothing more (again, look up your local MJ laws about decriminalization, it may even be less than that).

    Honestly, even if the judge asks you about your use, you could tell him anything. First time, etc. They're not going to pop you for a DT in the courtroom or anything.

    As far as wiping it off your record, that can probably be done as well, but again, it's not that big of a deal, since most employers are more concerned about felony charges on your record than something like this.
  3. What if I told the judge I smoked on 4/20 though? Would he fuck my asshole and give me another ticket or worse? This was a misdemeanor btw. Here is the long description for the infraction:

  4. So, you were driving, and your friend had a sack on him?

    My guess is the officer asked you if you knew your friend had the sack on him, and you said yes.

    Chances are you'll just have to pay the fine, or, since this sounds like your first run in, you may be offered to take marijuana addiction classes in exchange for dropping the charge. You may not be given this option since you were not the one with the weed on you.
  5. Why WOULD you tell the judge you smoked on 4/20?

    They can't give you a ticket for saying you've smoked in the past anyhow.
  6. is there anyone with experience in removing a misdemeanor charge from there record?
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    cus he's gonna ask me. most likely..?.
  8. You may as well use the ignorance plea.
    "Your honor, I am unsure of how to plea this charge. My understanding of the citation issued is that the law states - every person who possesses, while driving a motor vehicle. I was not in possession and did not realize my friend was until he honestly answered the officers question."

    Ya never know, might work out to be a dismissal. ;)
  9. Ok., how is it gonna go down in court are either of the officers going to be there? will I be like in front of an audience in front of the judge or what? Why does it say I can handle it in court before the date if they already give me a date and time to appear?
  10. You can just go in before your court date and pay the fine. It as the same as taking a guilty plea. On the positive side it is a misdemeanor.

    The other option is to go to court. They will ask you how you plea. They may ask you why and determine to dismiss then or will usually simply say, here is your court date.
  11. I <3 NY.
    I really do.

    My friend was caught three times with bud and hasn't even gotten a misdemeanor. First time caught with an eighth, got an acd with drug testing, second time got caught smoking and had 12g's on him, got a $100 fine with a $125 surcharge, third time got caught with a half and a bowl and got another acd with more drug counseling.

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