Have these gone hermie??

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have noticed these sack like objects appearing in my bud at the start of their 5th week of flowering. I think they have gone hermie and all 9 of the plants are having these pop up. I hope it's not the case, but it seems I'm fucked :( Can anyone clarify? Here's some pics

    If they have gone hermie what should I do?? Try to remove the pollen sacks and continue on? Super Bummed.

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  2. It looks like a hermie, but then again it might be calyxi. Idk.
  3. the strain is grandaddy purple if that helps at all..
  4. Dude imo thats a nut sack but I have never grown grand daddy so maybe thats how they grow. If you saw any white powder during you flowering stage then its male and made everybody hermie from what i've read and seen if it shows no hairs comming out the pod then its a ball sack but again thats just my opinion:rolleyes:
  5. Id wait a few more days before you do anything. If they all hermi then I pull off the nuts a finish out the grow. If just a few hermi pull em and not risk getting any seeds

    I had one plant hermi and just pulled him/her to save the others. @30 days flowering the potency was meh. But no seeds in the others

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