Have question about trimming? please help!

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  1. ok so im kinda just scared to trim some leaves on my plants bc i dont want to kill them...so can anybody tell me how to trim a plant and what to trim and not to trim?

  2. its best not to trim really, the plant needs its leaves, unless ur on about dead parts then i usually trim those off
  3. I agree with mills69. I only cut leaves off of my plants that are 50% or more dead. If a plant's leaf is blocking light, try moving it out of the way instead.

    These big leaves are the energy factories that make your plants grow. They breathe, give off excess moisture and photosynthesize water, co2 and nutes into a usable form.

    If the leaves are healthy, there is usually no need to do anytrimming.
  4. knew i forgot to say something lol, as Texas Guy said, try tucking the leaves that are in the way, "tuck don't trimm":) (-if poss)
  5. What about Topping and Fimming?
  6. what about it? lol, they are both great methods, very usefull & i would recommend topping/fimming, as their different from just trimming
  7. That is true. Just wanted to bring it up, since the op wanted to know about trimming.
  8. or you could LST..
  9. Another identical opinion - don't trim your leaves.
    The more leaves, the more photosynthesis.
    The more photosynthesis, the more growth.
    The more growth, the more buds.
  10. thanks guys for all the info i deff wont trim ive been already lsting it so ill just stick to that and i already topped but thanks

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  11. Good one. Just top/fim and LST and, as mentioned earlier, tuck the larger shady leaves under the branches, so the branch tips can see the light. You'll do fine.
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    What about lollypopping where you trim like the bottom 1/3 of the plant off, to increase the over size of the top buds?

    haha i like playing devil's advocate. I only trim the bottom leaves off,(normally the first 3 nodes. ) Whey you fully flowere these leaves dont produce anything and dont overall help the plant. Thats why i trim ALOT of the bottom sections. enough to make several cones if wanted. Doing this also helps with air flow movement in the overall box i feel.

    dont trim anything after 7 after 12/12 switch!!

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  13. If you're doing a SOG or a SCROG, then yeah, I agree. Otherwise, if there's plenty of light getting to the lower parts of the plant, it will also produce good buds, in which case, as I said earlier, leave the leaves alone.

    Evil too :smoke:

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