have i a lady boy in my growroom?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by hotdogz, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. super skunk found this 2 days ago plant is 2 wks into 12/12

    the first pic hasnt got a pistill (white hair ) but the other pic has

    has my ss got balls?

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  2. that blows..........can you move it to an outdoor location to finish it out, as not to pollinate the others
  3. so this is a lady boy then???
  4. all females create false seed pods. generally males pollen sacks grow in clusters and very near to the branch. that to me looks like a deformed false seed pod. is this a clone or a seed? if its a seed is it a tested strain or something someone gave you that they accidentally pollinated? if its a clone i wouldn't worry too much about it , however if its a seed id watch it very closely to see if anything else develops.

    just my two cents

  5. cut it off and see what happens.

  6. thanks for info . the plant was grown from seed (sensi seed bank) ive looked at the rest of the plant and its the only ball. i will keep a eye on her him lol

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