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have anyone noticed about poping ur fingers?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tipsy, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. have anyone ever noticed when ur high u have the urge to pop ur knuckles in ur fingers and u can pop everyone when im sober i can never do this but when im high i can pop every single one this is very werid i think thats why some athridus patients r prescribed with medicinal pot and on the topic of medicinal pot 1 question is medicinal pot more potent than any weed u can buy or is it less potent ive heard both but dont know which ones trueer i heard once that medciinal has no thc crystals at all but i dont think thats tru becuz then how would u get high?
  2. i dont think they make medicinal mj for knuckle popping lol.

    but yeah it is medicinal because it relaxes you, which allows you to pop your fingers. but i dont think it was a factoer in deciding whether to have med. mj or not

    and med. mj you get prescribed should be mor potent because its more regulated and the stronger it is the better it is for yhou because you have to smoke less to get the same effects.
  3. medical marijuana is basically what you grow yourself. some states have compasion clubs set up, and you can buy some of the best bud in the world at em. Med patients get the best so they dont have to smoke much.
  4. erm... i don't understand this at all.. and i'm pretty fucked....

  5. Most med patience get the right to grow, so they can grow pretty much what ever they want. Thats the way it works in CA. I think the med mj patience get to have like 2-3 plants at a time. I know in canada they have those compassion clubs, but i've never heard of any in the U.S.
  6. yea... they got em all over in cali... but they are kept a bit on the down low... their really expensive though.
  7. its what somebody said before me it relaxes your entire body so its easier to crack every bone in your body i can crack my wrists knuckles toes ankles neck back knees elbows pretty much anything with any point in your body that is jointed in it you can crack when you stoned out of your fucking mind i can even crack my ears thats a little weird but who really cares

    JUST GET HIGH oh yeah and i am right now lol
  8. Whoah...I don't do that. I crack my back a lot though heh heh.
  9. if you crack things like your fingers it bring on arthiritis faster, just so you know, but its all good as long as we are young and stuipid



  10. thats a lie. whered you hear that from.
  11. i dunno man, if im wrong my bad, i thought i heard it from a reputable source... (too many big words, not enough weed)


  12. Jeff. You're a hottie with a body.
  13. i've always heard that arthiritis thing too. i trynot to crack my knuckles too much because of it.

  14. no, you can have like up to 20 plants budding at a time and like 40 vegatating a time, around there and it depends how fucked up your body is.
  15. First time i smoked medicinal i was brain dead high for 18 hours. Off two bowls split with my friend.

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