Have an Xbox and want to watch the Mars rover landing?

Discussion in 'General' started by deadkndys, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Microsoft broadcasting the interstellar event via your console

    If you're a bit of space nut you'll want to tune in tomorrow for a very cool insight in NASA's latest mission - the arrival of rover 'Curiosity' on Mars.

  2. That's pretty cool man. Do you need gold membership? Mines ran out again
  3. Wait, they can stream live video all the way from mars? That's insane, last I heard it took forever just to get pictures sent lol. Maybe I'll check it out

  4. as live as you can get with the speed of light

    there's still a 20 minute delay or so

  5. Some dude that's a part of the mission was on the daily show or colbert report the other day. He said it takes them about 15 minutes or so to get the signal. So it's not live in realtime, there is a delay.
  6. I dont think so Im downloading it now and it said nothing about being gold only.

    It is a pretty big file almost 500 mb for this app.
  7. When will that happen?
  8. What a load of shit you need a kinect sensor to use the app.

  9. What the fuck man really?! Thats sucks. Not fucking surprising though. God damn microsoft

  10. For that stupid game or to watch the stream? If they require a kinect just to watch the stream that is ridiculous.
  11. [quote name='"deadkndys"']What a load of shit you need a kinect sensor to use the app.[/quote]

    I'm pretty sure this is incorrect. I don't have kinect and I was able to go into the live event player and there was a countdown going on. Set a reminder on my phone for tomorrow :)
  12. I'm going to watch it .... It's on at 8:30 here
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    an hour left on the count down. it has 8:30 pst and thats in 20 minutes though. i just barely found this thread and downloaded this app haha im usually never in the main screen for the more then 2 seconds if it wasnt for this thread i wouldnt have found it

    oh didnt notice it was august 5th not august 4th. hopefully i can remember
  14. wait but they are in space and it takes 20 inutes for the signal to get back but its like the theory of relativity so they are aging slower but theres a delay to the slowed aging proscess.

    so its in real time!( head explodes)
  15. I'm watching that shit and I'm waiting for something to pop off.

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