Have Americans on here ever gotten seeds from truenorthseedbank or cropkingseeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by putinfanboy96, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. I'm curious to those in cursed to live in the Protestant inbred redneck trump cult states like Virginia or Texas or Florida or Alabama or any Confederate state and you buy your seeds from these two Canadian seed banks. Have you ever had your seeds ever discovered by customs? If you did, have you only gotten a letter each time they discovered it?

    I can't imagine them actually taking time from catching pederasts or terrorists just to raid your home and arresting you and finding any evidence for that you bought the seeds online right? That would be like homo erectus levels of retardation.

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  2. putin after dark ....
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  3. Why don't you use US based seedbanks?
  4. I recently used crop king seeds. I ordered 5 seeds and they sent 7. I paid for 30 shipping just in case. It was discreet and took about 6 days. I'll be ordering again.

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  5. What state are you from?

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  6. I use only us based seed banks

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  7. I grow only autos, and just mailed untracked cash to Mephisto Genetics, which I've done in the past. They are one of the best auto breeders, and ship from CO with zero customs worries. Order a 1 seed pack, and it will actually contain 2 seeds for direct orders.

    Growers Choice in CA has autos and photos. Their CriticalPurple auto is one of my favorites.

    I'm not happy with any other US banks yet, because they lack good selections of auto 3-seed or smaller packs.
  8. you have a thing for the word "pederasts"

    is that a cry for help?
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  9. Then why did you start this thread inquiring about 2 Canadian companies? :rolleyes:
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  10. Attitude Seed Bank is awesome. You can pay for extra stealth delivery. They guarantee if it gets taken by customs. Email the pic (as proof) with green tape and they we resend free.

    Nirvana seeds is also good, especially for their soil tabs for veg, and flower tabs for bloom.

    Both very good customer service.

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  11. I live in Alabama and true north is pretty good. Just always say I have problems with my souvenir if you do have problems as they will not condone any germination talk. I told them my souvenir was cracked and they do phone service or email quickly

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  12. Crop king aka crap king...I'm canadian and crop king are everywhere and their genetics are unstable and just overall crap...their white banner is the only decent strain they have..crop king is in the process of going outta business and has already started another company name
    ..sun west genetics which I have yet to try and wont...good luck and happy growing and if ya want a few amazing canadian seed companies lemme know I'll post a few..peace.

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  13. Canadian and interested in hearing some good options for seeds.

    That said I have 10 seeds with 3 strains from Fastbuds so I won't need em for awhile...

  14. True north is fantastic. Nothing but great experiences

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