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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by boobyjj, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Alright, I'm new here and kind of new to the smoke scene. I've always smoked out of a pipe as thats all I've had around me, so I was just wondering something.

    What are the differences between the more simple bongs and the name brand/complicated kind of bongs?

    I know it sounds weird to ask, but just looking at pictures of bongs and such, I just dont understand I guess.

    Do they work the same? Whats the main differences?
  2. It really depends on the type of bong. For instance any basic straight tube or beaker bottom with the same stem will hit the same, however nicer glass will be less prone to breaking, and cheaper glass can degrade over time. There are also nicer tubes with several different types of different diffusers, like the sovereignty stemline you will see around here...and many may other types of perks. The nicer made versions of those perks can offer better airflow, better diffusion, more even diffusion, or in some cases less diffusion with a good hit..depending on what perk you get and what you want.

    Check out the glossary in my sig for some pics of a few basics. So the difference can range from nothing other than higher quality glass, or even just a label, or it can be a dramatically different hit as well as nicer glass. Another feature on lots of more expensive tubes would be the actual artwork value with the color work and sculpting.

    All perks work by pulling smoke through water, either from inside a perk out into a chamber, or sometimes from a chamber threw a perk (implosion style), which can give different types of hits. The main difference is the way the hit feels, and how much diffusion it gives, as well as the amount of drag they create.

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