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Have a friend who..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DJwabbo, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Have one of those friends who says the weirdest same word/phrase everytime they get stoned? An example, everytime my friend takes a hit he says " damnn, this hits CRAZY stupid!".
  2. Yea! Me and my friends always talk shit to eachother, and my friend was like "Dont get jealous! You guys are just mad that im cute."
  3. My one friend from high school would always say 'grubbin' for a phrase when he is eating. it was funny the first time, then he we say "let's to grub!" everytime we got high, and idk why it annoyed the shit outta me.
  4. My friend apparently learned a new word in his psychology class. When he's high he's like " dude, i feel so euphoric." Every time he says it, it pisses me off lol.
  5. haha euphoric!!! he must think hes some sort of scientist
  6. i have a friend who always says "damnnnittt im liiiitttt"

    Its hilarious because he's gay so he adds a gay touch to it.

    whenever im super baked i just go " baked."
  7. Me and a few mates always have different words and catchphrases we say when stoned.

    Different sesh partners = different phrases haha
  8. "dam foo im doddi"
  9. Mines repeatidly saying omg like this - "ogmomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgogmogmogm" lol.
  10. Why are you complaining? That would be like smoking with a character from a TV sitcom like Kramer or Scooby Doo.
  11. Wait, that's not shit talking!

  12. me and my straight friends always shit talk like this ahahahahah... not
  13. Me and my crew all say "Shelllll" a lot lol. I fucking love that word though. :cool:
  14. when my friend is waiting for his hit, he looks at the person with the weed and says, "lemme get a hit of Dat!"

  15. i LOL'd
  16. I usually say:

    "why you do dat?"
    "how u do dat?"
  17. "man am i fuckin stonedddd"
    a few friends and i watched scary movie 1 one time while we were blazed out of our minds and Scream says that after hitting a few bowls. we have been saying it sinceee
  18. "Im just to palatial regalia"
    Its from a video with Dirt nasty my friend wont stop saying it.
  19. Hahaa hell yeah, me and some friends even invented a language!

  20. he said it once? no,thats not what he was asking for...thats not what he was asking for at so angry im gonna strip my clothes off and run down the street screaming... you've ruined my day. good day sir.

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