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  1. How many of you guys were a hat? I always have a hat on. I used to not rock a hat but.... About a year ago I had a dream where I was wearing a hat and well.... Ive been wearing ever since :cool: So brothers post in this thread if you rock a hat.
  2. Had a hat on my head of some kind since about 3 or 4, lol

    I can tuck my shoulder length hair under my hat and look str8. That's as long as it's not one of my Seedless hats:laughing:
  3. i used to always have a hat on but i got drunk and left it in some dudes car last halloween. i can't bring myself to buy another one, it wouldn't be the same :(

    i want my hat back!
  4. I always rocked a hat until this year when i lost my good ones. Im tempted to go pick up another hat so i can be a baller once again!:smoke:
  5. Always have a hat, or a beanie on. A hat that looks right on my head comes around very rarely. I've had my beanie for goin on 4 years.
  6. Usually only for protection from sun, rain or cold; I don't usually wear one casually
  7. man no but i want one so bad, its like everyone i've tried just didnt look right with me. lol
  8. I never wear hats in the summer, but in the fall/winter/spring I'm always rocking my Led Zeppelin tuque. I try to keep my smoking habit on the downlow, but whenever I wear the hat I look fucking ripped because when I put it on it makes my hair just go over my eyes, and my hair is kinda blond shaggy so I just look fucking stoned. (Who's to say I'm not though, hehe :devious: )
  9. I have a german top hat I rock when I shoot trap for the team. They know whos there daddy :D
  10. Ive been rocking this hat for a few months now. Its the newest one I have. I love it for some reason :cool:

  11. perfect fitting hats come around once in a lifetime
  12. I dont know, I guess I dont really feel its necessary to wear hats. Everything that I have tried on doesnt look right on me for some reason. New eras, beanies, fedoras, ect. I dont feel like anything really fits in with my style. However in high school I always used to rock this all white fallen hat, loved that thing to death, but I cant see myself wearing one now.

    Maybe if I were going to a club or something....but idk.
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  14. beanies are for me, its rare to find a good fit hat for me
  15. i used to rock ghetto hats in the summer time but got past that stage. now i only wear ski caps in the winter
  16. been wearin hats since i let my hair grow out in middle school...currently rockin a slightly stoopid flatbrim that's flex fit, got it from their legalize it tour this year....but next time i think imma go for a custom fitted one, and get one with a sick nasty design on it :cool:

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