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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cstonek, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. so me and this girl (we'll call her X) starting hooking up and eventually started dating. we both love each other.. or so i thought. alls going good until X dumps me because "she cant be in a relationship" after almost 2 months of dating. we continue to see each other etc and continue to do the same shit as when we were dating: nothings changed. she always texts me saying i love you, kissing me in public, the usual couple shit. but she insisted to me that this doesnt mean we're dating again. (...what?) so I ask her why she cant be in a relationship if nothings wrong and she just bullshits me by saying "idk..i cant be in a relationship blah blah blah). she was driving me insane at this point ... 1 week later she starts becoming a bitch to me, especially in public. talks about other guys in front of me when we hang out together (wtf right?) and im pretty sure shes doing it on purpose. less than 2 weeks go by since she dumped me and then tells(text actually hah) me shes dating a guy whom she met a week ago, and how she still wants us to be friends and for things not to change. if things didnt change then she would be in my bed naked waiting for me, thats whats funny. its great how woman can do this to us

    sorry if i hit you with a wall of text i just needed to vent. =[

    at least mary jane's never a bitch to me. :bongin:
  2. Sounds like she just wants to be fuck buddies.

  3. ive had a girlfriend like that, she cheated on me/broke up with me over the phone with her best friends over.... was not cool. ive been single for a long time now..
  4. shes a cocky bitch. put that ho in her place
  5. well tell her shes a great girl and than wait for her to come and fuck you. Everyone wins
  6. someone craves attention.

    if it's over, it's over. if shit continues, it's not over. but if your partner says its over and you're continuing while they act like it's not over you need to understand whats happening. either she recants, and its not over, or you're a pawn in a larger game she's playing. sounds like you became a pawn.

    usually if a girl tells me its over, i start trying to move on. she changes her mind, and i'm not really all that receptive. i'm already moving on. if she can try to commit, i might entertain it, but i might not. i don't have a lot of time for people who don't even know what they want.
  7. I'd move on and look for other women, get laid with this one when you can. Hell, we should be GLAD there's ones like her, too many others want the fucking ring, a house, kids, cars, your paycheck, all of your time and your balls.
  8. She is probably ducking another guy on the side and doesn't want to "cheat" on you.
  9. fuck her she's a bitch :) just don't bother with her man.

  10. haha thats exactly what happened at one point.

    thanks for the responses guys im in a much better mood then last night. i talked to her today and she was saying sorry blah blah. its funny her new boyfriend is in the same position i was when i asked her out. hes only known her for 2-3 weeks and thinks shes cool. wait till he gets a wake up call another couple weeks down the line.

    happy tokin, i know i am now :smoke::smoke:
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