Hate when the dealer is dry

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by soapy91, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. I Just moved to Brevard county in FL about a year ago. Only know one dealer. And he's been flaking like shit the past few days. Hate that shit. Man I need a new one... End rant.
  2. Yeah man, I had 5 dealers at one point. I now have 3 I go to and a backup that doesn't sell past dark ahaha.

    You'd be shocked how often neither of the 3 are available. And then my fucking backup hasn't left his apartment for months, this dude's is whiter than a piece of paper, that gets sketched out by night time. I'll call him and sometimes he'll be like "yeah man sure", ill hear him ruffle his blinds a bit and be like "oh shit what time is it?". It gets dark early here so I said 7ish, and he turns me down cold. I sometimes find myself tempted to go over and fucking drag him out.
  3. woah, i live in Brevard county too.
    Do you surf? and yeah, its hard to find a decent hookup here. Your best bet is to find someone in orlando, and buy in bulk so you dont have to go very often.
  4. here in chicago its so easy to find a dealer. i have atleast 10 guys in my phone, 3 of which i pick up from regularly, then i have the back-ups, then the back-ups to the back-ups.
  5. Yeah dude, shit sucks. I had so many dealers at school last year plus a few people who'd always be willing to hit up dispensaries for me but now all but 1 of them are actually replying and all he has is outdoor, and isn't even able to hook me up until tomorrow at like 5 pm. At least it's outdoor grown in southern oregon or northern california so it should be decent quality.
  6. Haha my grandma lives in brevard, near rave theater and the zoo and all that stuff? i did the zipline course at the zoo.

    Maybe hit up the flea market and ask around that place is full of sketchy people trying to make some bucks

  7. Dang man that sucks, but that last dude is hysterical lol rediculous

    Don't surf well or often but working on learning still. And yeah that's what I'm figuring. The guy I had was really reliable at first, but has since become less and less each time.

    Yeah I live about 20 minutes from there and hit the rave all the time. Would prefer to dodge the sketchy myself, but I guess beggers can't be choosers.

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