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hate spending (givin) money on weed

Discussion in 'General' started by jeffro34, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. alright well i have this problem and i wanna know if other people feel the same way. okay so lets say a relitive like ur grandma or someone gives u money do u feel quilty buying weed? cause i kno i always do and im not working right now so any money i can get is good but i just feel like shit when i spend money that was given to me by family.
  2. why do you feel bad? are you ashamed that you smoke pot? i mean if you think that smoking pot isnt any worse than anything else, then you shouldnt feel bad about buying pot with it
  3. Do what you want, if they give you money its yours to spend on what ever you want.
  4. haha, fuck no
  5. i use to feel guilty but since i didn't have a job back then my mom for some reason didn't give a shit and constantly gave me money whenever i asked i just got more and more use to spending her money, plus it was my only source of money. I had to make a choice.... and i choice weed.
  6. I think I know how you're feeling.

    You feel guilty because you're spending your parents money on something that they most likely wouldn't approve of you doing, right?

    Well the only cure for that would be to talk to them about your Marijuana use. I don't know how strict your parents are but as long as your confident they won't send you to reform school I reccomend telling them.... because most likely they will catch you eventually and it will just be worse when it happens.

    I'd start with something like "Mom, I think we need to talk..." and explain facts... don't make it seem like pot is the greatest thing ever because you don't want to sound like a "junkie". Just tell her the pro's and con's of smoking and why you do it... hope everything works out for you.

    Good luck.
  7. I understand your concern and I think that its good and shows that you care about your family. Is it possible for you to get a job now? Maybe you could spend that money on weed and your family money on food, gas, and other expenses.

    If not try Spliff's idea, but depending on your parents id doubt theyd go for it.

    So if I were you id relax, when they give you money relize that they give it to you to spend on what you want, your hobbies, dates, gas, food whatever. It is for you to do what you want with it. Even if you do not spend it on what they would want its not their money, and its not their decision so use it as you wish.

    If you still feel guilty, maybe have your friends by the weed and you by the food, gas, etc. and barter with them. Like trade the weed for what they want so you wont be buying weed directly. That could get complicated, but is pretty much your only option if you want to smoke and have no other income.
  8. If it's money as a gift, I try to use it to buy something I want to be the "gift". If theres a little left over it goes into general funds and then pot's fair game. If they are giving me just because, then it's general funds.

    Of course, if they give me the cash for a specific purpose that's where it goes.
  9. Back in the day I definately felt bad asking my moms everyday for a 5, just because I knew how hard the money came to her and all I was doing is blowing it in the air and stackin someone elses pocket. Thats why I had to get on the grind! Havent payed for bud in a while :D

  10. yes thats exactly how i feel except my parents dont give me money when i ask. see my grandmother she will give me like 20 bucs when i see her sometimes. its not im ashamed of smoking weed its just i have this quilt concious when i spend the money on drugs. and my rents found my stash a while ago but i told them i stoped
  11. If I buy weed, it's my money and my decision.
  12. im in the same situation.....but when i get money....i try and buy something...like a movie or w/e...and than the rest ill spend on weed..and if anyone asks or whatever i just say i bought a movie and put some money in the gas tank....

    dont spend all of it on weed....ration it out...:)
  13. i feel bad spending any money on it at all ever. its a fucking plant that grows... we shouldn't have to pay for it at all.
  14. If you feel guilty then I would talk to your parents about it or something. If they don't like it, they will stop giving you money...but you will feel better. But if they continue to give you money, you won't feel as bad because atleast they have an idea of what your going to buy with it.

    Be responsible, stay motivated and smoke weed. If your parents are a little open minded about it, it shouldn't be a big problem.
  15. sometimes yes i do

    but other times i say fuck it and i splurge it

    even tho now i have an assload of money in the bank to spend shit with now
  16. I'm in the same situation. I got a sum of money for washing the car today, and although I feel guilty spending it on weed, I know I won't regret it when I'm sitting in the armchair baked out of my mind, so it's going to the dealers tonight, baby.
  17. i hate spending madd monmey on weed too thats why i just steal shit and trade it for weed alot of times, like today theirs a bobs store next to my gym, my friend/dealer told me he wanted a jeter jersey, easy as hell to steal and thats 2 dubs of sugar shack for me to smoke.
  18. don't steal for weed. Really not worth it. Get a job... be HONEST and stop giving weed smokers a bad name!
  19. Working, and spending a sum of it on marijuana... The high is really much better if you worked for the weed. More of a reward.
  20. nah man, don't steal things

    If someone ripped you off, you'd be pissed

    Work for the $$$ and then reward yourself with some ganja

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