Hate life? I do...

Discussion in 'General' started by sp33dy36, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. My life always has issues no matter what. Fed up with it actually. Just ready for it to be over with. Can't get anything right ever no matter what it is. Girls don't get me started and friends just fuck me over. Everything I do and try just never works out. Just ready for it to end up be honest. Green doesn't help and neither does anything else. I always have some crazy stupid issue no matter where I go. Pay rent and then a bill pops up that causes me pain and I find a way to pay it and then some unknown crap appears. Car wreck or something crazy. Just ready for life to end and whomever takes my place in this world all the power to you. This earth is shit and nothing ever goes right. I don't do anything bad like cut myself or hurt myself in any fashion but it is always something. I'm just done. Life if better alone on fettle position on the floor or in bed. I give up trying to be happy.
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  2. Anybody else feel the same way? What makes you happy? Don't say God because he/she has never made me happy. I'm Christian but demonation is unimportant..I try and shit just gets worse has and always will...
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  3. did you play rs?
  4. "If you can't find something to live for, you've got to find something to die for"
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  5. What is that? Runescape? If that is it then no I gave that up after I was banned for bullshit that never happened.
  6. did you have that name on there?
  7. no it was sp33dy46 and it was banned for so called hacking and I dont do that.. The new version also sucks...sooooo yeah.
  8. Go climb a mountain peak, and find yourself.

    If all else fails, become a cop.
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  9. Went to Dave and busters and it sucked got charged for food I didn't order and I refused to pAy. Then the games were shitty and tg is one was the good one in my area: yeah fml
  10. Sounds to me like you're having a major pity party to me. That is just life. It goes up, it goes down and you've got to learn to roll with the flow. And, my friend, you are not a Christian...simply calling yourself one like most everybody else these days. If what you have and are expressing is Christianity (which is not a denomination, by the way), we're all in trouble. A true Christian, feels total peace of mind, love in your heart, excitement for life and the desire to share your joy with others. Because THAT'S what a true Christian feels. You see, when you truly give yourself over to the Lord, it becomes obvious to those around you who see the changes that being His brings on. One who really loves the Lord is never ashamed to tell others because it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to them in their life. But the most wonderful thing about being a child of God is that sweet peace that you feel in knowing that He is shouldering your burdens now and you don't have to carry them all on your own. I pray that you find the truth and learn to cast your cares on Him. If you're not a child of God, you belong to the devil. Plain and simple. Anybody can "say" their a Christian, but it's pretty easy to tell who is and who is just spouting words. I don't know you or know anything about you but I am telling you the truth because, as a Christian, that is what I am commanded to do. Someone has obviously fed you a bunch of misinformation in the past because your belief system is messed up.
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  11. Cops suck... No offense because they pull me over for my tint. I have an eye issue and hav shown the prescription and what not they don't care. My ticket is still 200$...
  12. Thanks for the responSe and I am a Christian and believe in him and have always been praising him, loving him, believing in him and so on. It's always been hard and life always seems to happen to me. I Just look past it and still it continues...I do my best to be right by him and saying non demoninational I mean it doesn't matter what type I am because God is god. There is only one...
  13. Life is pain . Pain is just weakness leaving the body. Life is strength. :smoke:

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  14. Thanks for all who responds..
  15. Then let me leave this weakness behinD.....
  16. I try sooooo hard and life always kicks me down...⏳

  17. You can choose to end the journey anytime you wish , just remember sumtimes you'll find that your original destination may not be the place you were looking for .. So it might be worth it to keep your eyes open for any pit stops worthwhile. Be bold and just be proud to be you , there's no one else like you.

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  18. Life's struggles aren't going to end anytime soon, no matter where you are in life. Even wealthy Wall Street bankers are haunted by financial problems that make them wish they could say fuck it and hang themselves with an American flag. Poor fuckers have to sleep and take a dump with their cellphones.. because a single fuck up could cost someone else millions of dollars. Many succumb to addiction.

    And for those who don't have struggles, like the Kardashians.. low self-esteem, boredom and attention-seeking becomes a life-consuming problem.

    Wouldn't it be better to just work toward building a better life, so that people can admire and acknowledge you? Without struggle, success has no glory.
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  19. When you focus on depression, you remain in a depressed state. Also, videogame addiction is being researched in testosterone driven manic-depressive episodes of bipolar mania spectrum. It is showing that males with videogame withdrawal symptoms are as bitchy as girls on their periods. Science is just catching up to these findings.
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  20. lmfao i remember you... my rsn was Bmor3. Try setting goals and working towards them?

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