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HashSlashers purple grandpa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HashSlasher11, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Sup blades just copped some GDP and it is unreal. Smells like a purple pez/grape soda and tastes like grapes

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  2. DAMN that's some attractive nugs. How much did it run you?

    I assume this is from a dispensary?
  3. 380 / an nope rite here in good ol west virginia!

    This is one of the few strains that just by smelling it can send me back into yesteryear and flood my brain with memories of all the times ive ha the strain.

    Anyone else know what I mean? This happens to me with Sour D, GDP, Jack herer, and juicyfruit. Its like I could be blinfolded and have someone jam a jar under my nose and I would instantly be transfixed in the past
  4. I'd drop a few doll hairs on some nice nuggage like that.
  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean. If you get that much of a nostalgia boner off of smelling it, wait till you hit it :bongin:

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