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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cheju, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Wasn't real sure were to put this but ya, so me and dude are going to through down on ounce were getting a good deal, and we want to try something new. So i googled how to make hashish and found all kinds of shit, i opted for a way not using alcohol, and found out quite a few ways to make it, but a lot of them require a little cash to be spent, which i don't want spend money on a tumbler machine and all that stuff, but i found this video online is like 3 or 4 mins and wanted some of the experienced tokers on here to take look at it and tell me if it, looks like good easy way to make some hashish,

    [ame=]How To Make Hashish - Video[/ame]

    thanks in advance for any and all opinions

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    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 22, 2010
    Dry sift < BHO = Bubble Hash

    Dry sift is fine, but I much prefer a good bubble hash or BHO to dry sift. Making high quality (very melty) dry sift is just too difficult in comparison to other methods. Full melt water hash isn't too difficult, but full melt dry sift can only be achieved by someone incredibly skillful working their product, and only with very high quality buds.
  3. well were getting a deal on some good chronic, its reg 40 a gram were getting it 20 cause it's a relative, that should be good enough ?
  4. 40 a gram ? i can get chronic for 40 an 1/8th.
  5. Invest in bubble bags and then you can sell it like 100$ the gram if you pay your bud 40$ haha.

    But seriously, bubble hash is the best and it's pretty easy to do. Obviously your first time won't be awesome but with time it will.
  6. I live in a very small town like 400 people, i don't feel like driven no 4-5 hours to the nearest town were i have a connection, were i live 20 a gram is good compared to 40 a gram
  7. You could finance an entire grow for a few plants for the cost of that ounce! Dry sift is okay, but as has been said, bubble hash and BHO are the best.
  8. so ya guys, ive been looking up bubble hash and it looks like the way to go, since im making shit for personal use, and don't plan on selling it would 1 gallon bags be decent, i was on, but it was like 95 bucks for a 1 gallon 4 bag kit and on amazon it was like 50 bucks for 1 gallon 8 bag kit here's the link New 1 Gallon 8 Bag Herbal Extracts Bubble Hash Ice Bags Kit: Kitchen & Dining i mean the only difference is the brand which one do you think would be the better investment ???
  9. If you're looking for an investment (making bubble over and over again) I would go with the bubble bag brand. The difference isn't the brand, it's the actual quality and work that goes into the bags, which translates into the product you can make.

    I've heard lots of mixed stories from people who've bought bargin bags, and almost completely positive stories from people who get their bags from bubbleman. Especially if you're spending so much for an oz, you want to make sure you get the best product you can.
  10. Dude.. if you're paying $20 per gram of herb, I'd HIGHLY recommend not making hash with it. Hash is awesome and everything, but out of an ounce of herb, you'll probably get 5 grams (absolute maximum) if you're lucky. It's your choice, but I just wanted to warn you that it will not last as long as loading bowls will
  11. 40a gram :eek:
  12. 20 a gram

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