Hashish Finger uhhhh

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  1. Hey people I was wondering how many blades smoke hash rather than weed. I for one smoke hash cause well , that's what's good where I'm at.
  2. I smoke everything. Even weed eyelashes.
  3. I smoked my finger once because it had resin on it.
  4. I would smoke hash all the time if I could actually get my hands on it.
  5. i'd smoke the fuck out of some hash if it was easier to get.
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    I smoke hash everyday except for when i travel, then i get stuck with weed.

    I like hash because it's harder to build tolerance to, weed is too easy so you have to constantly change strains. Plus hash tastes good.

    Where you from op?
  7. I make a lot of QWISO and smoke kief, I make the cut? :cool:
  8. I wish I could get some bomb ass hash or oils n wax :smoking:
    suppose I could always make my own
  9. I've never had hash except for kief but I don't consider that to be hash. I would smoke hash all day if I could find it. I would probably go Europe style and roll hash/tobacco joints
  10. My guy only got hash twice, I picked up a quarter both times. I was high off my ass, man I really miss that stuff!
  11. Osba3 hashish??Like if you get me op.
  12. I only smoke hash because where i live everyone has it and it is very good and not expensive

  13. Hahahah i get it.

    How much do you pay for el soba3? I used to pay 100 pounds( 20$) for a fat one, nicely cut. Now a days you pay for the length not width.
  14. 100 shekel (25$).As long as half a cigarette,and the width is a little thicker than a cigarette.Comes into a rectangular form.
  15. Only have gotten to buy hash once. An 8th of a mix of green crack, white widow, and northern lights. One of the best head highs I've ever gotten. Smoked most of it buy itself out of my bowl. I was amazed at how many hits I got out of a few tiny chunks. Smoked the last bit on top of bud through a bong and I think some in a spliff or joint. Was so, so far gone. When i start blazing again I'm going to try and get cheap O's of mids and start making hash and other concentrates.
  16. I'd smoke hash way more often if my dealer sold more of it , Took some loaded buckys of hash this morning and my lungs were cowering in fear after a few rounds aha

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