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  1. Do hash highs give you less chance of having a paranoia/anxiety attack? I've been getting these recently (i blame it on the paxil ever since i stopped taking that shit so many weird things have been going on with my head) and it's been ruining my highs (makes me so sad i can't enjoy my greens like i use to). So I've been reading around and couldn't really find any info to support this besides a couple of people who say that yeah they can't smoke weed because the paranoia is too much but they can smoke hash no prob. I just wanted to get some of your guys opinions before i go and blow $30 for a gram of full melt.

    ps I haven't smoked in a few days and have recently started taking a supplement called 5-htp which naturally increases serotonin levels in the brain (improves mood, controls appetite, etc.) Anyways will i be ok smoking again while on this supplement?

    Thanks for any help i can get
  2. hey, well i had a heady sort of connect once. His weed was super sativa and then id get pretty paranoid, so i asked if he had anything else, and he said "i got some indica..." so i had indica, and thats a real body high. super chill.

    my point is, try indica variants, cuz hash is indica/ satvia based on strain too, so you can buy a sativa hash, and still feel the effects from what you smoke now, or you can try some indica dominant either bud or hash, and thatll do you good.

    so its not hash. bud, its more indica / sativa
  3. yeah, that's true but i don't know hash seems to have a different type of high if you know what i mean, more chill and clear highs. I don't know I guess i'll have to keep on experimenting.

    Thanks for your input.
  4. Hash can make you paranoid and give you any/all of the effects that smoking/vaping/eating/etc too much bud will. Hash is just super-concentrated. I used to live overseas where it is easier to get hash than it is good bud; I know a lot of people who couldn't even toke a single hit!

    My hash 'til your tolerance picks up a bit!

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