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  1. Are there any other ways of using plant trimmings other then making hash?

    could you add the trimmings to vodka and then use in cooking for make brownies or a tincture?

    part of me wants to make hash but i think the easiest method for cooking would be making marijuana vodka too cook with or use as a tincture.

    What is the easiest method of making has or making a marijuana tincture
  2. For ways to make hash, check some of the links in my sig and also search for threads started by a blade here named Hashmouf, with the word "hash" in the thread title.

    You could make cannabutter, and there also are other parts of GC where cooking is discussed more fully and directly. I suggest just searching for threads with the word "cook" or "cooking" in the title.
  3. ALthough homemade hash has the potential to be sick, you can use it for certain teas, green dragon drinks, and added finely with some ground bud in normal baking. The food section on grasscity will give you some interesting ideas to try.
  4. i want to try make green dragon. Also since my post i have found a grinder that will make hash and you can get a add on press so you can press the ground up matter that the filter catches.

    i might try that but i am more likely to make green dragon i think its better then making hash. Yes hash maybe good but smoking hash and smoking weed does not last as long as if you eat or drink it i have read that a dose of marijuana taken in food would last up too 5 hours or maybe longer. Taking a hit from a bong i do not think would last that long.

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