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  1. Is hash protected in California by a cannabis card?
  2. Oh well recently someone I knew was rolled up on by the police and they had a card and were slapped with a felony charge for possession of hash (it wasn't more than a gram). (This happened in California)
  3. Weird, I told by a patient that it was legal with a card.
  4. ANYTHING sold from the clubs to patients is legal.
  5. how are the medical benifits of hash to cannabis?
  6. Depends on the strain, and the collection method.

    An OG Kush bubblehash has fantastic pain-relief potential.
  7. I think hash and concentrates are somewhat of a gray area. Of course everybody sells it but there's nothing in Prop. 215 or SB 420 about hash/kief/BHO/edibles. No mention of limits, restrictions, etc.
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    Think of it this way....weed is like aspirin and hash is like Oxycodone.

    hash is a concentrated THC product 1 gram containing 3 times as much medicinal relief as 1 gram of cannabis.

    Added health benefits : 3 times less carbon monoxide is inhaled into the lungs.

    Yes Hash is a valid medicine and is covered under the prescription. Problem is...cops are assholes and can charge you with what ever they want, will it hold up in court, NO.
  9. Thanks for the info guys
  10. I was under the impression that ALL female flowers and concentrates were treated equaly and weighed together,not really sure where i read this so im not going to say it for sure but its what i thought.

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