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  1. Ok so I smoked hash for the first time the other night, I loaded my bong with weed and hash on top of that after smoking a whole bowl which was like 4 or 5 bong rips I was on my ass for the rest of the night.
    I was sitting there and the whole room started spinning lol and I was just out of it.
    Any life stories about your experiences?

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  2. I was in Fresno visiting one of my friends at Fresno state, the first time I smoked hash.  We picked up some bubble hash at a dispensary, smoked it, and went to a few parties around campus.  It was an awesome night and it was like getting stoned for the first time all over again.
    This was like 3 and half years ago and i still remember the day rather well.
  3. Which dispensary? Fresno banned em :(
  4. That's what I've heard. They were already shutting them down at this point. I think it was around this time of the year 2011. I can't rembrr the name of the place but I do remember we got some bomb ass bubble hash
  5. I love to make my own hash from Keif or trim! I usually smoke it mixed with tobacco because it combusts. I find I waste a lot when smoking in a bong unless I murder the bowl in one hit. The other day my buddies smoked it for the first time, and they legit couldn't move. It's hilarious because ppl think a little won't get them zooted, but shit man, it does.

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  6. Hash. Now there's a treat I don't get often enough. I'll take a good ball of hash over the best bud of weed any day, any time, any where.

    These days I only get it when I'm in Bali. There's nothing better than floating in from a long morning in the surf, smoking a beauty joint of hash, and watching the afternoon storms roll into shore. :smoke:

    Within the next year I should be traveling through India and Nepal. I don't go looking for "drug experiences" but sampling the local hash is at the top of my bucket list.
  7. Had my only experience with hash when I rode my motorcycle to Colorado a couple months ago... Bought a gram at the dispensary ad a small bong and it is extremely hazy after that lol.... Wow I really don't remember much of the trip after that point lol

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  8. remember when i got hash for the first time when i was like 14 i was so pumped cuz it was like 10g yo hahaha then got so zee'd up with my homie that we both forgot where we stashed it hahaha couldn't find it for like few weeks we were lookin' for it in all the places outside that we were at and even our homes...after like a month my friend found it in a pocket of his jacket... rofl good memories  :hello: 

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