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Hash VS Bud Discuss.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Skunky Monkey, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. #1 Skunky Monkey, Aug 10, 2011
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    Hash VS bud.

    Which do you prefer and why.

    I like bud but hash is always nice, i find it lasts allot longer where as bud tends to go pretty quick with me :D

    I also prefer bud to hash because it has more taste smell variety to it, hash tends to smell/taste the same, where as bud you get a wider range of options to choose from.

    So which you you prefer.

  2. ive unfortunately never had the chance to try anything other than homemade hash so i cant really have much of an educated and experienced input here, but the idea of hash excites me :p keen to get some soon.....hopefuly :smoke: :p haha

  3. Homemade hash is the only stuff you wanna smoke if your going to dabble with hash, unless you have a reputable contact then street hash is real nasty stuff allot of the time.

    Sometime's you get lucky though.
  4. I disagree with the notion that hash doesn't have as much variety in terms of taste/smell.

    Spending time with a hash junky that regularly had 7-10 different varieties of excellent hash on hand will really change your perspective in that regard.

  5. I know there are allot or variety's but there is more with green, you know there's purple bud there's bud that smells like pork :D there's all kinds of strains.

    There is with hash but in my opinion not nearly as much as Bud.
  6. Bud is more natural...but if you get caught with hash are the penalties similar to weed? Or would 1g of has = 1g of marijuana? I have always wondered that
  7. I think that's only because there's not a huge amount of people who keep their trimmings separate and make hash of certain varieties.

    Remember, every strain has its own hash if someone takes the time and care to make it so :)

  8. That's true.
  9. You should get medical. Hash is amazing each having its own unique high, flavorful taste, and dankness :)

  10. I have heard medical hash is pretty good, but what do you prefer medical hash or medical bud ?
  11. Well, for a while I was going to the club and picking up what most would consider top quality, but what most of us club regulars would probably consider mid shelf/upper mid shelf. I would smoke this stuff with some friends for an hour+ of chainsmoking, and my lungs were taking a hit. But, with a few bowls of topshelf sprinkled with some hash, I can get close to as high with a lot less, and a more "pure" high. I just like hash because it allows me to use less weed, and my hash always seems to last a long time. In a money crunch I would always choose weed over hash, but hash is awesome because you can inhale less and get waaay high.
  12. If i could afford to buy more hash than bud, I would. Have you ever had hash edibles?

    I<3 my medical card.

  13. I know what you mean man.
  14. The only thing about hash is that just like weed, you can totally build a tolerance to it. I mean the first time I smoked hash while being a noobie smoker I got so high I thought what I smoked couldn't possibly somehow have come from weed, that was one of the most intense sesh's that I remember. If I start smoking hash too regularly, my tolerance does begin to shoot up a lot, so I try to use it sparingly, but sometimes when you're really high sometimes it's just like fuck it pack some more haha.
  15. I feel both can help alleviate my condition effectively but hash tends to add more of the body effect. I like to medicate but stay able to work and comprehend so I usually just use my ejoint vaporizer or a small amount of bud. :D

  16. I find that too, when i buy a block i chip a little off and it gets me baked and towards the end i'm burning chunks off.

    But if i buy a 8th of green my tolerance only builds up after about a month of everyday smoking.
  17. Hash all the way. Where I'm at hash is just as expensive as top quality bud, and a g of hash lasts a lot longer than a g of bud. And well made hash can have its own flavor, texture, taste, and color, especially depending on the extraction method.

  18. Yes it can, i have had some good hash before, also bubble hash is pretty darn great, i prefer bud but i do like a bit of hash ;)
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    Bubble hash is ok, its a pain to make though lol, but the yield is worth it.

  20. You got that right, i like pollen and qwiso hash but of course i like others as well :smoking:

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