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    so last night me and my friends were wanting to get faddded.

    between the 3 of us we had a 5th of american honey, like 3 blunts...and some hash. oh yea.

    ive never smoked hash before bc its so hard to come by, but when we were waiting to get it we were all getting pumped bc from everything we have heard

    like a hash high is just like your best high ever.

    i end up going to pick it up, i was hopin for some legit sticky brown looking hash but it just looked like compressed kief.

    at first i was a little down about it bc i was just thinking, ive smoked kief before and it gets you high but nothing too intense.

    and i thought it was gonna just turn back into grainy powder if i tried to break it up.

    but when we got back it broke off into chunks and it was alright, didnt turn back to kiefy dust, different then just kief, the dude said its from some goo plants from cali and id be impressed.

    so we break off some chunks and plan on smokin it, i hadnt smoked since like earlier that day and had a pretty clear head so i was excited that id be able to tell if its good quality or not f

    we take a tiny chunk, maybe just 2 hits per person for 3 people and then cashed.

    and were sitting there and after like 3 minutes im like i think i can feel it, i smoke alot but have never tried to examine my high which i did last night and its pretty cool to do.

    so like ten minutes, im sitting there and i can just feel the high sitting in the back of my head like right behind my ears but in the center of my head and im just like, ya i know this is def some kil now,.

    one of my friends (names changed) jacob had a phone call and its someone wantin some herb we will call him Kevin,

    so jacob weighs it out and is like ill be right back hes comin down the block

    so jacob leaves, hes outside for like 10 min.
    and im just sitting there with brennon, and im like are you high? i feel it in my head so i def know i am, ya know?

    and he was like.....my head, i feel it too, its like hot, fire. and then we talk about how we should smoke a blunt but decided to wait for jacob to get back.

    i was like
    "are your feet tingly?"

    "why you say that man! bc my legs are twitchin!?"

    "nah man, im just askin bc.....my feet are tingly"

    and were just laughing bc we both know that we are really high,
    like it was really good, like i felt like everybit of me was high, like my mood was high bc we were all just in the greatest mood ever and my body felt so good, like best summer day ever sun in your face breeze blowin feel good best day ever, <----like how your body just feels good on days like that, thats how it was.
    it felt like an oldschool high,

    like what you have when you first start smokin, and plus we were drinking and i usually get the spins everytime i drink and smoke, but i was at the perfect mix all night, it was nice.

    so jacob comes back inside and hes like ya man kevin still hasnt came,

    so were just like alright lets smoke this blunt while we wait. so we do.

    and were just talking about how high we felt and just everyones pretty much in a great mood bc we all know it was some fire hash and we are all crazy stoned, with a fifth and another blunt still to come.

    were just bullshittin and talkin/laughin about just whatever. were just chillin.

    and jacobs phone keeps blowin up and hes like man who is that?

    and i was like ha its prolly kevin hes prolly all like "hey man, can i score another grammm"

    then jacob who was sellin it to him was like "haha yeahhh, nah hes prolly just callin to tell me thanks for hookin it up"

    and brennon is just sittting there all quiet and just says "yeppp"

    and then we just sit there for a split second and jacobs like "WAIT! i havent even given it to him yet, remember i came inside bc he didnt come yet"

    and me and brennon just lose control with laughter, we cant even believe that just happened, like we all legitly believed that jacob had already sold to kevin so we were just makin small chat about it, and it hadnt even happend yet lol.

    jacob just got on the phone and was like laughin all " ha sorry man i just thought, nevermind ill be out there in a sec"

    brennon and i just cracked up for like 5 min until jacob came back in.

    then we were sittin there and i was just like yeah we are no doubt really high for that to have just happened.

    then we just smoked some more hash bowls and another blunt, it was a good night for sure,

    it was a nonstop laughter night, like nothing but good vibes all night, it was tight

    i prolly left alot of little details out, idk how to explain it for it to compell how funny it was. right after it happend i was just like, hands down thats my best stoner moment so far. and brennon was like for sure man def the funniest thing that has ever happend to me
  2. trippy man :smoking:
  3. thats how shit used to be for me when i first started toking.

    but anyway a couple hits of hash sends me to the moon for a good hour
  4. Sounds like a fun night! The hash you're smoking sounds a lot like a quater I bought last week, compressed kief/hash is always awsome.

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