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Hash question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeebus420, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. How much qwiso hash could i get from a QP of trimmings?
    Also, what other types of hash could i make? I've searched but havent found any good guides.
    Lastly, can i use the leaves from male plants for hash, or does it have to be from a female?
  2. im not sure how much hash you will get but I do know there is bubble hash and butane hash or something im not 100% but I am 99% sure it has to be female. The male doesn't have a lot/any potency.
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  4. Thanks a lot guys.. that actually helped a lot. I was gonna get a QP or HP of trimmings for cheap from a grower buddy... but im now debating if it'd be worth it.
  5. For sure it'd be worth it.

    QWISO is some good shit.
  6. dude 8 grams? it's probably worth it. how much for the trim?

  7. how much is cheap? if its not too bad its so worth it. You can run the trimmings multiple times... it just gets lower quality.. so you could get 10-18 grams of really good stuff... Then run the trimmings another time and get around the same amount of lower grade stuff.
    Just dont mix the batches. Like have one tray for your high quality stuff and another for you lower and if you want to try a 3rd a tray for your lowest quality..

    Ive also heard cover it with iso, sit for 30 seconds and then shakefor 30.. I saw it in another guide which i cant seem to find now :S

    edit here is the guide{step-step-pictorials}.html
  8. Yeah this all depends on how cheap he's willing to sell me trimmings. What do you guys think a QP of trimmings would be worth?

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