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Hash Q&A

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalandweed420, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. #1 metalandweed420, Jan 23, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 24, 2013
    So I just met a new dealer at collage, long story short he asked if i want to buy any solid off him, £5 a gram. I'm a complete noob when it comes to solid, never smoked the stuff in my whole life, always been bud for me. I've been told its a much different high, and its better for you? Anyway, I just wanted to know if this is true, and if I'm getting ripped off, how can you tell if some is more potent than others? I know this sounds completely newfagish, but I've never really been involved in anything other than bud.
    help and advice is much appreciated
    thanks in advance blades:smoking:
  2. Just to make sure you mean resin as in scrapped from a pipe? If so hell no don't do that. Smoking that shit is nasty and gives me headaches. I don't even smoke the resin from my own pipe. (although I'm never dry so might be a different case for ya..)
  3. Resin is probably significantly worse for you than bud. I wouldn't even bother with it unless I was out of weed or trying to clear my pipe
  4. If you're talking about hash oil its fun as hell but for daily use idk it raises your tolerance a lot. Its also more of an investment for the special glass used to smoke it. I think it is healthier, that is if you are referring to hash
  5. i pretty sure its solid man, its just i've heard resin and solid being tossed around as the same sort of thing, i guess i was just confused haha, noobish i know dude, but the guy definitely said solid
  6. I thought you were talking about the black resin that sticks to your glass after smoking
    If you're talking about hash, go for it by all means haha
  7. ah okay dude thanks, have you ever found the high from hash different from weed at all by the way?
  8. Yes it is different from flower high's hash is a concentrate so it is a much more intense high. not for the less advanced smoker. you'll fall in love trust me
  9. Gonna sound like a buzzkill here but for £5 a gram. I'd stay well clear, sounds like he's trying to flog you some soap bar for that price (contaminated hash, only about 5% is cannabis, the rest is hay, staw, brick dust etc. ) anything gangs can use to bulk it up and make more money.. You can buy eighths of it round here when its about, only costs a tenner.
  10. If it's resin from a pipe hell no, its heavy so a gram of that stuff probably would last around 1 session, i had a fat bowl of it earlier (dry atm) and it did barely anything except made me cough.

  11. good call. UK has two very different types of "concentrate": hash and soap bar. There are threads on here discussing that exact topic. If you're being quoted 5 quid for it, id avoid it. look up soap bar in the forums and learn more about it.

    btw love the karl avatar
  12. well i suppose it couldn't hurt to try some of this stuff, its only a fiver so im not too bother about it being shitty quality, oh and i have an acrylic mini bong, would I be able to smoke the hash out of that by any chance? thank for all the replies bros
  13. HAHA I dont even need to look at the comments to be able to tell you all your gonna get is crap from people for posting this "resin sux" and "your a scumbag if you smoke resin", most of what it will consist of :(
  14. All of the "low budget" stoners smoke it where i live (central Europe) and its 3$/g. Smell/taste 1/10, headaches, infinite cough is what you should be prepared for. Id rather stay sober than smoke that "thing".
  15. well, a fiver isn't really the end of the world, i'll try it, if its bad, i won't go to him again :)
  16. Probably won't kill you ∑:3

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