hash oil with alcohol.

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  1. i got a bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol. i put all of my clippings and crystalized leaves into it and its sitting for a few days,.

    what do i do next?
  2. Read the 3rd, 6th or 7th sticky at the top of this forum.
  3. i just did and it looks like im not doing it right?
    that guy just washed his trim with alcohol and then drained it out.

    me on the other hand... i have my trim sitting in a jar full of alcohol.
    is this ok? its been in there for 2 days now and the alcohol is turning green.
    should i still make oil?
  4. DAYS? You've screwed yourself over. Thats been in there way longer than needed, i dont know if its usable anymore either, but it should be. It only need to be in the alcohol for a max of a few minutes
  5. You did kind of screw yourself. Take it out, filter and evaporate now.

    If you used buds it would be fine, but because you used trimmings you could find yourself with a crazy amount of chlorophyll in the oil. Leaves have more chlorophyll to start, and because there is much less THC and much more material the ratio of THC to Chlorophyll will be whack.

    Will probably be a harsh/unhealthy smoke, but it's up to you to decide if you still want to smoke it
  6. i tossed it away,
    but when i took it out. i noticed that all the trichromes were still attached to the leaves.
    is this supposed to happen or what?
    i put it in the alcohol and shook it up real nice.
  7. yea dude days?? nah, put your bud in a jar or something thats glass, fill it with enough iso to cover the bud/trim/whatever leave it for 30 seconds shake for 30 seconds and strain. then let it dry for a long time, scrape it and smoke.

    oh and if you dont save your stems, start cause you can make qwiso with those too. or break them up small and rub them on the screen of a grinder with a pollen catcher. got about 2-4gs of goldy kief from like 20gs worth of stems, then made qwiso with the remains of the stems and my buddies, and a bit of bud.

    if you need more info on qwiso hash, search for it on here or youtube. youll find more instructions
  8. Don't leap before you look.

    You've basically fucked your chances for making enjoyable QWISO with that batch. There is a way to salvage it, however.

    Go and actually read the stickies mentioned, and make the hash. Then you can add that into a brownie recipe. Otherwise, smoking that disgusting oil will be like a punishment.

    Oh, and READ about making brownies before you ruin that too.

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