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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jeremysfilms7, Aug 3, 2011.

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    0.14g hash oil per gummy bear. 66g -> 35 bears. so thats 1.9g per bear worth of pot. its sum good stuff ive been high as shit for 5hours. cooked with sum kill

  2. Can we see them?
    i want some gummy bear hash
  3. i love gummy bears..

    pics pls.

  4. this is the best idea ever haha how did you make them?
  5. BHO then made them with jello mix
  6. Awesome. Those look delicious
  7. So it's jello? Recipe please?
  8. Hash Oil Gummies... and gummies in general (unless vegan), are made of gelatin.

    If made with smokable BHO/'Hash oil', and not an already edible oil, your concentrate must first be processed as usual to promote bioavailability, using an edible oil source such as coconut, grapeseed or olive oil.

    Hash oil/concentrate is more bioavailable than, for instance, dry sift hash or raw herb. But cannabis glandular material is still notoriously difficult for the body to absorb all on its own, even if 'sticky and gooey', without a 'lipid/fat vehicle'. One gram of concentrate, can provide between 15 - 30 strong doses, depending on its THC/cannabinoid content, which is many times greater than dry sift hash and especially herb.

    Once properly infused with a small amount of edible oil, you simply follow your favorite (or any) gummie recipe, blending your new edible hash oil at the end, when you've finished heating.

    You can make an array of flavors, and textures, and you can use candy and lollipop molds, or you can form by hand...




  9. So putting the oil into the gelatin gives it that texture? Or does it need to stay in the refrigerator.
  10. Minus the hash oil, you've got an average gummie(y) bear... that's just how they're made, with gelatin :) The addition of hash oil doesn't really change the texture much, especially if it's concentrated and only very little is needed.

    No refrigeration is required, unless you'd like them to keep a bit longer. You can get different textures by playing around with the temp, and even the addition of water at certain stages. But you should make a few batches of regular, soft-chewy gummies first, to get the hang of it.

    Vegan gummies are made with fruit pectin, or 'agar agar' powder, to avoid the animal protein/content.

    Hard candies, and chewy caramels and taffy are made without gelatin, using (usually) higher temps, and the addition of hash or canna oil similarly at the end, when removed from heat. You can add it to almost any recipe so long as it's prepared well first, and you know when to include it, without intense heat vaping away or degrading its potency.
  11. Wow thanks again for helping me with another edible haha, will rep you when I get to a computer

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