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  1. are there krystals in all the leaves?
  2. On, not in. But no, not all parts of all leaves end up forming trichomes. There likely are some flowered plants grown perfectly under strong lighting that have crystal covering every leaf, but it would be uncommon.
  3. oh yes mine have kystals on every leaf i really took care of my grow
  4. ^^^LOL, enough said.

    for the OP, for making hash, especially sift, bubble or similar methods, i would just use all the leaves. if u have enough to pick and chose: bud trim>close bud leaves>small leaves>fan leaves. good luck
  5. thanks, whats your favorite way of making it?
  6. BHO is the best, but takes ALOT of knowledge. QWISO is nice, but not as nice as BHO.

    Then bubble hash or water hash is the next way..again you need to read alot and get equipment.

    Then dry sifting, you need alot of material but the hardware is relatively easy to get.

    IMO, hash oil is my favorite, then bubble hash then dry sift keif or pressed hash.


    Honestly, this thread is pointless, I just love spreading the hash word but this thread is sorta pointless.

    good luck-DC
  7. meh, for me, it goes CW>SIFT>BHO>ISO
  8. whats BHO and QWISO? Should a noob know the abbreviations?

  9. ^^to each their own. i cant argue with ya, properly made hash in any method is great, and the consumption method is crucial...i just love nothing more then taking a big dab of some full shatter oil.

    probably not, but they are VERY easy to find, soo many theads on them all here and elsewhere. Sorry to be a dick, but just SEARCH, im not gonna go into an explanation when just typing them into search or google will give you all you need to know,,,and then some.

    Do some research ur self, stop being lazy..LOL


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