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Hash making made easy. Pics included

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blazin420, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Ok, I am really bored today so I decided to document one of my hash making experiences. Pretty much anyone can do it this way. Kif is pretty easy to collect. I like to use multiple screens. It comes out more pure. But not everyone has screens. Kif can easily be collected from the nooks and crannies in your grinders. Especially electric grinders. They make the most kif because they pretty much chop the bud up the finest and stir it up the most violently. It can be collected and stored in a small glass jar until you have enough to make some hash. You don't need much as I am about to show you.

    Keep in mind, all the kif and hash I am about to show comes from ½ ounce of White Rhino.

    First you have to bust up and smoke your bud. Over about a week or 2 I busted up ½ ounce over this screen and let them collect all the kif. Theres 3 different thickness of screens in that box.

    The hash I'm going to show comes from kif from the middle screen.

    You collect the Kif off the screen and put it on Parchment paper. Its important you use Parchment paper. Its available in any supermarket right next to the aluminum foil and ziplock bags, something we are all very familiar with. lol
  2. Next, you keep the kif in a small, but evenly distributed bunch and fold over the parchment paper a few times. Turn your clothes iron on low. I mean LOW. Like setting 2 or 3. If you turn it too high it'll kill the hash. Remember, @ 200 degrees, the THC vaporizes. So, you have to keep that iron below 200 degrees. Just hot enough to make the kif from a powder to a tacky solid.

    Unfold the parchment paper and you have a stick of hash. Its like a stick of bubblegum.

    You can do whatever you want with it at this point. I fold it over a couple times while its still warm. I like to make a small dense nugget out of it. That way I can break pieces of it off and mix it with some bud or just smoke it by itself.
  3. Total yield was 1.3 grams of top quality hash from ½ ounce of bud. The purest hash, which was the kif that went through all 3 screens is all the way on the left. It yielded the least obviously. But its nice and blonde. Great shit. The middle hash is what I took pics of while I was making it, and on the right is what went through only the first screen and has the most impurities in it. Don't get me wrong. Its still top quality hash and better then 90% of the shit you'll find on the streets. That's for sure.

    Good luck and have fun.
  4. Nice job. And thanks for the info. Ill be sure to try that sometime.
  5. thats sickkk i gotta try this some day
  6. this should really be a sticky... kick ass thread, fella!

  7. where do you get the screens you sifted the weed through from?

  8. They came with my stashbox. Its called the "Bubblebox." Same people that make and sell "Bubblebags" have it. Costs $150.

  9. Sticky it is...
  10. wow, i love that stash box... any chance you can post more pics of it? im thinkin bout gettin one next time i get some extra money ;)

  11. [​IMG]


    3 layers of dry sift filtration (80, 120, 200 LPI)
    No internal lacquers or glues for plants to absorb
    Constructed of white pine from New Zealand
    Felt bottom lining to protect table top surfaces
    Beautiful birds eye maple (green) or swirled rose wood (brown)
    Real wood veneer, not photo paper
    Humidor quality – 15 coat high gloss lacquer
    Lock and key security w/ 2 keys
    Acrylic catch plate, Gold plated fittings, PVC scraping cards and storage area
  12. yeah, definetely two things im gonna look into. thanks man
  13. bah, i already saw the website before i asked for pics... i was hoping you would take pics w/ ur camera so i could get a more detailed view of it ;)

  14. Oh, well I'd like to help you out, but I think the website's picture is better then any picture i'll take. Theres no more to it then whats in the pic. What else do you want to see? Maybe I can get a closer view of it.
  15. am i the only one that doesnt see his pics from his original post?
  16. appears so. thats unfortunate.
  17. I took them down for a little bit until I worked something out.
  18. i forgot to. wtf is kiff? is that an english term or just something i've never heard? its been bothering me
  19. kif, kef, keef....same shit. Its pronounced "keef." its the byproduct of cannabis. The trichs. the powder. the fine material that falls off the bud. Not an English term. lol

    Kif is almost pure THC


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