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  1. I been exploring different methods of making hash kiev. I have been seeing stuff about 10 percent extraction etc. So many methods idk were to start. My question is what is the most efficient cleanest method for making large amounts of this stuff. 
    I hope i described my needs well( new to this)

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    I really like making Bubble hash.  You can get the 5 gallon bucket screens on ebay for like 20 bucks.  When you run your bud/trimmings mixed with ice water the, water travels through 5 different sized screens.  The ice water extracts the crystals off of the buds, and trimmings.  You'll also need to stir the mixture with something, i use your everyday mixer you find in your kitchen works great. Each screen will contain different sized tricomes.  Im no expert but would say this method is very efficient.
    Also if your serious about it really look into making Butane hash oil.  I would say its one of the strongest forms and my personal favorite.  But its a little more dangerous and you need to be a little more cautious just because your dealing with a extremely flammable substance and you need to know how to extract the left over butane from the oil.  But this process is fairly simple and just need to know how to do it.
    Anyways cheers!!! good luck on your hash making! 
  3. Anyone try ISO drying on wax paper? Nothing sticks to it and a couple experiments show that the alcohol does not break down the paper at all. This should make for an easier recovery of your dried product.

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