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  1. Ok guys, im harvesting my plants, and this will be my first harvest. I want to make some hash from the sugar leaves and pop corn buds. What can I use to make some hash on a quick notice?

    Also what should i do with the trimmings right away? put them in a freezer bag and freeze them? Dry them? I know there is multiple ways but I need something quick and somewhat easy based on whatever tools I might need/have
  2. With a $1 re-usable coffee filter, a blender, some ice and a container, you can make a decent amount of bubble hash in a short amount of time. This is best if you've only got a few plants and a small amount of trim (less than a lb), and you don't feel like investing in the bags. It's a pretty cheap endeavor when you DIY.

    This is from my grow journal, it's a full photo tutorial on processing leaf into bubble hash, but if you check out the processing thread there are a ton more :)

    Easy Hash how-to http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/630836-bloom-journal-two-weeks-into-12-12-a-2.html#post7886068

    some shots from the tutorial




    "liquid gold" the glands, mostly-separated from the ice water.
  3. You can also make QWISO with a coffee filter, strainer and some isoprophyl alcohol. All of which can be found very easily.

    I suggest drying and freezing your trim but it isn't exactly necessary.

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