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Hash edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Cookibis, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I have been looking around quite a lot and i just want to clear things up with experienced bakers ;)

    I once cooked a tray of brownies with 2g of hash between 5-6 they ate a bit over half the tray and they all agreed it was far too much, other than the two that passed out ha.
    I hope to be using hash, which i read is stronger when cooked than bud, from what i have looked at i need about .2 - .5 per person. I would like to focus on how much needed per (body still functional) high.
    Also what is the ratio hash:butter, i hear bud is 1oz bud :16oz butter.

    Im sorry if this question is already up, theres a lot on this forum and i couldnt find anything specific.
    Once you wonderful boys and gals help me out a bit on rough measurements ill try out a few batches and let you all know how they turn out, ill also post my successful recipes here to share the love :love:
  2. Wondering too
  3. i cooked .2 of some bomb jilly bean bubble hash into some coconut oil and ate it before going to shedd aquarium, well it was single handly the highest ive been off an edible, pure craziness, couldnt take looking at some of the fish it was to weird.
  4. A lot depends on the quality of the hash and your personal tolerance of course, but i'd say 0.5 is a lot, since 0.5g of decently processed dank can already be a lot for some people to handle.

    If you process it right (look in badkittysmiles sticky, top of the forum, med grade hash oil) about 0.2 would suffice, especially when last time you made some, people only consumed about 0.2 each and started saying it was far too much. So test some first, and if they are as strong as last time, aim for 0.1g/person.
  5. I usually cook with kief, but i once cooked hash and 0,2 per a person should be enough, from my experiances.

  6. I remember being so high that i couldnt reconize stuff. Everything would like twist my mind, even my computer. It made me stupid haha but it was the highest i have ever been.
  7. Thank you everyone so far, I was thinking that maybe i should make .1 snacks and let them decide what is good for them. I really hope they turn out okay.
    I had a look at BadKitty's post, very informative, i have seem their posts all over the place, all brilliant.
    So do you think i can just replace the coconut oil for butter?
    And how long would you say the smell of hash lingers? I really cant remember there being a smell the other times iv cooked other than with bud...
  8. use coconut oil, way way better.
  9. I'm not sure how available or expensive it is here, never seen it around before, though iv never been looking for it before, does it make everything taste coconutty?
  10. Yeah, £15 for 450g of coconut oil, seems a bit steep right now, though maybe I will give it a go to see any difference in some later batches?
  11. nope its just a waxy substance that melts down.

  12. There is an extremely mild nutty flavor. I dislike coconut flavored things but can eat coconut oil straight.

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