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hash cigarette

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by hawkcg, May 4, 2009.

  1. friend told me about this so we tried it...

    1) when you get a pack of cigarettes, pack them down fairly well... a good centimeter should be left at the tip of each cig

    2) get some sticky hash, don't try it with powdered hash (not too familar with hash terminology so im just giving descriptions), and compressed a good chunk into a square/circular shape that is somewhat thick

    3) put this into the end of the cigarette, practice with proportions since you only want enough to fit the tip of the cigarette

    4) put an open flame near the hash until you see it start to bubble, dont light the cigarette yet

    5) after it starts to bubble light the cigarette and the tobacco will light right underneith the hash

    6) aim the cigarette upwards a tad so the hash doesnt fall out if it isnt packed into the cigarette that well


    an even better way to enjoy those cancersticks!! (not to turn anyone off the idea)
  2. seems like a waste to me...

    hash burns at a different temperature, so most of it will fall out with the ash, thus wasting quite a bit of it.
  3. don't see how this would work... as soon as the cig catches fire and ashes all that hash is falling to the ground. no way you can torch the hash that quick
  4. no you empty the cig and mix it with hash, or roll a cigg with tobacco and hash
  5. yeah it wont work
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    We smoked hash oil on a cigarette, it works wonderfully. The kid who rolled it was a really nice dude who informed me of his adventures in the Israeli army. Crazy stories, but an awesome experience.

    I know i was baked.
  7. i beg to differ about it not working because i have done it and it does work which is the reason why i was sharing this with you guys...

    first off you put the lighter away from the hash so the cig doesnt catch on fire... you do this long enough for the hash to boil. Then you light the cig at an angel so if there would be ash to fall, it wouldnt because of the angel and also the fact that you packed the cigarettes.

    you then smoke it like a regular cigarette while smoking the hash.

    also stop buying cheap ass cigarettes with cheap tobacco, if your going to smoke spend the extra dollars for 100% additive cigarettes, nat shermans or american spirits, or go even farther for the organic ones also from american spirits.

    why get all that extra shit in your body when you can smoke only the herb itself.

    sorry im stoned, lol

  8. The way everyone smoke it around here is by getting a clean nail and gethering a little bit of hash at the tip and just going up the cigarette with the nail spreading a little line of hash up your cigarette. do you know if this would work?
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    yeah oil is commonly put on cigarettes, but different type of hash. gotta love getting sucked into good stories when you're baked as an oatmeal raisin cookie (who else has love for these?)
  10. The filters that are in ciggarettes take out most of the THC regardless - So if you're going to do this snip off that filter as well, or you're just wasting your hash.
  11. Im not really for the idea of smoking cannabis in cigarettes as ive heard that the filter may filter out some of the THC but im not sure as to the exact science of it or whether its proven , but anyway I just came back from pakistan and thats how they all smoke it over there but no problem i had like an unlimited supply of weed over there like bags and bags full and hash was so cheap. =]
  12. There is no proof that A cigarette butt would filter THC...

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