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hash build up for 6 months

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr.Doe, May 16, 2006.

  1. I have a hand grinder with a crystal collector that has been collecting for about 6 months and is almost full(3g's and still filling). Any ideas on how to get the little cake out?
    I thought of making oil to put over it to bind it togeather but my friend wants to let it cure for a month and i'm not even sure it would work. Maybe it will just slide out, who knows!
    When I figure out how to work this camera i will have a picture for you.
    Ps. I was on OverGrow for 5+ years so I know a thing or two about hash and oil making so if there are any questions I would love to try and answer them or even if someone wants to compare methods or just give new ideas on hash making, I would love to hear it.
    P.Ps If we could somehow get bubbleman hear we would be very lucky!
  2. keep the keif and just smoke it on top of bowls. my friend saved an 8th of keif and has been using it since then.

    to get the keif out, just use a bendable card. cta(chicago train cards) work really well and even have an edge clipped off, almost like it was made for keif.
  3. I was also thinking of using a bendible razor. I always love a bowl packed with crystals but this is a piece of hash, meant to be smoked in my volcano. After six months there is no other way it's getting smoked, it's gonna taste soo good! Good idea though, never even thought of useing a card.

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