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  1. Anyone attending Hash Bash 2009 in Ann Arbor this year? I have never been but I have a feeling it will be different this year since Michigan voted in support of medical marijuana.

  2. yes i plan on going, with many friends.. pot smoking convoy down the the AA. blunts the whole way, blunts there, then we can smoke outta all the sweet pieces we buy
  3. What's the date? I might go
  4. ^ ditto

    Heard some people talk about it, but never have gone there before.
  5. Its April 4th this year. Its dedicated to the recent legalization of medical MJ in Michigan. I am going and cant wait this year. Should be fun...:smoking:

  6. Ha That sounds pretty perfect

  7. Anyone know if the pieces sold at the fair are more expensive than 42 or Stairway?

  8. there usually a lot cheaper there. and high quality imo. you have to look a little but guarenteed you will find a cool piece. bring like 75 dollars and you can pretty much get anything. and they have some really crazy ones.
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    I'll be there! I go every yr! This will be the 38th annual and it's gonna be awesome! The 2009 Hash Bash will be a celebration of Medical Marijuana's victory in Michigan. It is also supposed to be a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock (1969). If you dont know the history of the Hash Bash, it is quite interesting. It all stems around John Sinclair, an activist who was arrested and sentenced to 10 yrs in prison for having 2 joints. John Lennon of the Beatles even wrote a song about it titled 'The Plight of John Sinclair'. Ann Arbor now has very lenient laws regarding the possession of marijuana – a $25 fine first, $50 second, $100 third (and subsequent) offense -- and is a simple civil infraction rather than a criminal offense. Even so, the campus of the U of M sits upon state property, and so anyone caught with marijuana on any campus location is subject to the more strict state marijuana laws. As this is the case, there is a separate but heavily related event following Hash Bash just off campus known as the Monroe Street Fair, where there are live bands accompanying the many street vendors selling extravagant bongs and other paraphernalia, along with a Michigan NORML booth. After the speeches everyone kinda forms a picket line and marches together past the police station and on down to Monroe ST. This is where the toking takes place...party time! It truly is a blast! I believe there was only 1 arrest last yr and that was a disorderly conduct. Now, there are quite a number of police on site, but they really dont mess with anyone (I think it may be because they all have a contact buzz...lol). Also to the one asking if the prices on the paraphenelia are high....not at all! My son bought a 4 foot glass bong last year for $30! And be sure to bring enough money for a T-Shirt...I paid 15 for mine last year...not bad! If you're not a NORML member, you can sign up for that there, as well! Is an outside event, so bring your frisbees, hacky sacks, hula hoops, whatever you like! One guy last yr brought a hooka and said at least 125 people hit it! Come on down, Y'all! The more the merrier...and remember....A friend with weed, is a friend indeed! Hope to see you all there! I wouldnt miss it for the world!

  10. This sounds great. I will be there with bells on :)
  11. Woot! Woot! Let's hope the weather is as pretty as today (smiles)
  12. One of my buddys helps organize this thing. Never been to Hash Bash in my life, but I'm thinking of going this year.
  13. You should go! I took my son last year and now he plans on making it an annual event as well! This year we're all piling in a van and going...lol. John Sinclair was there last year...flew all the way from Amsterdam... and the year before, David Arquette (actor) was there. You wont regret it and will probably attend all future events once you go...
  14. As the emcee of the HASH BASH I can assure you a great event this year.
    Read it first here, JACK HERER is coming this year to HASH BASH.

    HASH BASH starts at HIGH noon on the DIAG of The U of M in Ann Arbor.

    We will gather at 11am at the Federal Building in Ann Arbor to protest the FEDERAL laws against marijuana.
    Once again we find ourselves having to return to the FEDERAL building to let them know we have not forgotten how bad things are outside of Ann Arbor.

    We will also be protesting the shooting of an unarmed man at Grand Valley State University named Derek Copp.

    We will have signs for you to carry but we do encourage you to make and bring your own.

    We will gather at 11am and then protest for 45 minutes and then walk over to the DIAG for HASH BASH.

    The federal Building is on Liberty St between Fourth St and Division St and gets a ton of traffic driving by so we are well seen and get lots of support from passerby's.

    After our ONE HOUR OF POWER on the DIAG we will head over to MONROE Street for THE MONROE STREET FAIR where there will be bands and vendors, with food and beer at Dominick's.

    If you have questions call the HASH BASH hot line at 313-406-7575 or email us at info@hashbash.com
  15. I will see you guys there.

  16. Thanks for the added info...btw...is there an actual Hash Bash website?
  17. Yes, I cannot wait! Hah, I definitely did read it here first, I can't wait to see Jack Herer! It's only a few weeks away...man, last year I found Bowser, my go-to piece at Hash Bash. Can't wait to re-introduce it to the streets of AA!
  18. [quote name='MrHashBash']As the emcee of the HASH BASH I can assure you a great event this year.
    Read it first here, JACK HERER is coming this year to HASH BASH.

    High Adam! Great job on getting Jack there this year! As always, will see you there.
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    I'm not going, but I bet it will be fun.

    I go to MSU and I'd rather go to CedarFest

    But I bet Hash Bash will be sweet

  20. Isn't CedarFest the one that had the crazy riots last year? I think I'd rather hang out with a bunch of laid back stoners than get caught in a riot...lol...to each his own though...Have fun! I know I will (smiles)

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