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Hash advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tbuzz, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I bought a little bit of hash today my guy called it blonde hash whats the best way to smoke hash?
  2. Bong. Amazing high.
  3. is it waxy. hard, or in peices?
  4. In a pipe with a screen or a bong with a screen both work great. Or on top of bud in either of those. Vaping hash is also really nice.
  5. no bong or pipe. flame is hashes enemy!

    hot knifing, imo, is he best way to smoke hash unless you have a skillet thatd probably work just as well for some solid.
  6. Well I only had access to hash on holiday in Norway. I used an apple pipe (you could just use a glass one) and some times put chunks of it in rollie cigarettes which was my favourite method. So yeah, I recommend hash spliffs if you can tolerate tobacco.
  7. Dude a pipe is way easier and less likely to waste the smoke. Hot knife is inefficient. Just hover with the lighter over the hash so you don't totally burn it if you're worried about the flame contact.
  8. here's your answer: scrape some of the hash with a paperclip then hold it over the bowl and light the paper clip until the hash melts into your bud.
  9. Mix it with bud and roll a J, put it on top of some bud in a bowl, hot knife, smoke it alone in a bowl.
  10. I beg you, do not listen to this guy.

    If you use a hooter, while hotkniving you will lose NO smoke. It will hit you like a brick to the face after you hold that first hit in for a few seconds, a pipe will waste your hash and it'd make a pretty gigantic mess. Not saying pipes aren't awesome, just not for hash in particular.
  11. I smoke hash out of pipes all the time. If you use a screen it doesn't make a mess. How fucking clumsy are you?

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