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Has this forum been infiltrated by police?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PaperZonly, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. It's just something I always think about whenever I post on here, facebook, twitter etc. but this one especially.. but whether or not the feds are monitoring this site and the other forums of the same nature? Has anybody ever discovered a cop with an account on here? I wonder if there are, if so, then GD how many?
  2. Yes! I've been penetrated by the police on several occasions without warrants as well! Those fuckers!
  3. its an open forum, they would hardly have to "infiltrate" it.

    as for me, idc. anything less than 100 g's where i live is a $250 fine, so come n get me coppers
  4. Unless you are committing crimes higher than a misdemeanor I wouldn't worry.

    Or, yes, cops utilize the Internet to painstakingly find individual stoners to slap em a $25 possession ticket.

    You pick.
  5. Don't listen to this guy!!

    (He might be a cop!) :p

    Hell, I might be a cop!

  6. I will put your mind to ease my son.

    When I first joined the forum a mod made a post saying that this server is based in Amsterdam. So unless you do something stupid like post your address, and reveal you're a drug king pin. Nothing you talk about here can be used against you, since the site is based in EU.
  7. If I actually knew what the hell I was doing I could find your location just by your IP address.

    I agree with your general point though......I'd say you're safe OP.
  8. um i doubt they monitor this. they could hardly get us on anything.. even if they r here watching everything all you have to do is just stick to talking about smoking, not committing the act itself.

  9. Indeed, but they wouldn't have any basis for a warrant or anything if he only posted. You can't go to a judge and say "on a Euro website this guy said he smoked the reefer."

    In most cases, if they hope to succeed in arresting said person, the judge won't sign the warrant.
  10. The only cop-ers on here are the ones reading up
    on how to grow for when they retire from the force ;)
  11. I doubt they'd care about what you write unless you're talking about something major or a bigger crime than possession of mariruanajannabis
  12. They are in the evidence locker disposing of contraband and making threads like: "I'm soooofuked lololol how do i get the smell out of my gun." MOD: "this belongs in apprentice tokers not the Matt Mernagh Chronicle."
  13. Yea i'll be arresting you shortly
  14. We're all police, thinking we're going to get a gigantic bust.

    What stoner would be stupid enough to actually post about smoking the devil's lettuce on the interwebz?
  15. Cops like to smoke too
  16. the police have biggers problems, wouldnt worry bout it
  17. Hotel, this is Eagle 1, we found another one.

    Get the van ready. Over
  18. FBI, SBI, Homeland Security-y'all all know who I am and where to find me.:)
    [ame=]Doris Day - Que Sera Sera - YouTube[/ame]

  19. Yep. That's why they're always at the donut shop.
  20. I work for FIB. I'm coming to get you. Stop what your doing and I'll be there in 5.

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