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Discussion in 'General' started by Pro.Pot., Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Ok so i m 19 and unemployed. i have been looking for a job for fucking 3 months... still have not even been considered for a hjob it seems. Then my friend applies for kohls and gets the job, i also applied and didn't hear anything. Then we both filled out an application for Best Buy and the NEXT day they call him to run there security. My friend is like 5'2 and weighs maybe 140 lbs. I'm 6'1 and weigh 200... why was i passed up on? My bad for ranting but has this ever happened to anyone?
  2. What about this post involves Marijuana?
  3. cuz to be honest all i need is like 500 and i can start selling again.... my brother offered to lend it to me but i aint taking my families money for drugs... so all i need is a job to make a few bills.

    You can't talk about selling here. It can get you banned!!! *RMJL
  4. well are you a minority?

    or ugly?

    plus stop bein a bitch and take ur brothers money
  5. Actually my bad... i thought this was the General forum. Is it possible for me to move this thread to the general?
  6. nope not a minority and not ugly at all, i just have the worst luck. Also they mite check my record and just be like "nah fuck this kid, seems like a liabilty" lol

    Also roorexpert i can't take my bros money... he's an ass and nothing positive will happen when i deal with him. if my oldest brother told me he will lend me the money i will say fine, he is alot more lenient and wont hound me the next day for it back.
  7. Why not grow it? Or get a loan from the bank for "x"
  8. i was going to start growing it in my closet, but my house is getting an edition so the contractor is always in my room messing with the plumbing cuz behind my closet is all the plumbing...
  9. well your record might have something to do with it
  10. well you obviously haven't looked all over for a job for 3 months. Even if you took a job at mc donalds you could have had you 500$ by now.

    Are you sure you actually want to work or are you just looking for an easy way to make money- cause most people interviewing you will be able to tell if your the type whose not going to give a shit

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