Has this ever happened to you?

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    Not sure why i have the sudden urge to know but I'm wondering if anyone ever learned to do this like I have.

    Basically be aware of a concept or even quite a few ideas...but only be aware that the ideas are present, not actually visualizing or hearing words or even really understanding....Just a barely acknowledge sensation that there is an idea/thoughts that you have not given permission to enter your consciousness.

    Ever since I was young I had tough time with disturbing thoughts or images that disrupted me pretty much all the time. Originally my strategy was to replace unwanted thoughts with positive thoughts but the strategy never worked as the disturbing thoughts always seemed to appear faster and without stopping. I guess I couldn't consciously beat my subconscious.

    One day I decided to ignore thoughts, at first only partially, I would half ignore and half be angry with my thoughts. But eventually I just realized those thoughts didn't have much to do with me and I could feel at ease by simply not furthering the thoughts...just complete ignoring...I guess it wouldn't be that different from "staying in the moment" but i didn't know that phrase back then.

    Anyways now these thoughts seldom surface anymore but every once in a while I have the sensation that a thought is about to surface but by never changing my attention to it, it never does....

    Maybe its not that strange or anything but its been useful to me at least

    Also i forgot ! (different line of thought) Sometimes when i'm high I get the sensation of thinking like whole mini paragraphs but only in the most vaguest of senses. I don't know about everyone else but I usually only think a bit faster than I can speak but when this happens it feels as if i thought a lot in a very short time...Kinda like if a complex thought was an image and it just flashed in your mind and faded...

    Lol i doubt anyone can decipher what i'm talking about but if you can't feel free to post your own weird thought behavior
  2. On that first part....It could be you figured out that it was best not to give your energy to negative thinking...

    On the other part...could be that you are visualizing an enitire concept and your brain is translating it to words....you should try writing when it happens...or just writing single words that describe it.

    * my wierd thought behavior is being written about in the thread titled 'spiritual growth'....skip to the end...lol
  3. I know the exact mind battle of positive and negative you go through.. it can be hard beccause you naturally want to be happy but for some odd reason, the thoughts still surface.
    The best advice i'd ever gotten was that it is normal to have both good and bad in your brain. Its natural, you just have to find a balance of yin and yang, accept both of them, and from acceptance comes relief.

    Now it seems like i have a blank thought process, i just take in new things and notice my feelings and opinions about them, i constantly change my perspective and outlook. My thoughts are naturally pleasant now and my brain smiles :) from the first to the this is amazing, you can do it too :)

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