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Has this ever happened to you? cause it kinda sucks

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dying Giraffe, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. I was taking some bong rips last night.

    Then I was taking some more.

    OMG, was i stoned! it was great. It was one of those nights where everyone's in a good mood, and everyone's packing, and there's general disorder in the room you're hanging out in.

    I was sooooo baked, then I took a rip and POOF!!!

    I wasn't baked anymore. I just came down instantly. It sucked! How is this possible?

    Don't say I was really baked and imagined it. Not only did i think I was sober, but I was as lucid and crystal clear as when I'm sober. Granted, we kept smoking to remedy it, but I was only able to get slightly baked. Has this ever happened to anyone in their years of toking? I don't want it to happen again.
  2. happened to me last's when you start to build up an immunity to doesn't it?.....Peace out......Sid
  3. i've had it to where i was really baked... took a monster rip and felt a lot less baked... almost straight... then i'd take another huge hit and just get blown away :D
  4. yea man... that shit has happened to me a few times. you smoked yourself sober.
  5. I can't believe this is possible... smoking myself sober.


    Now i have to worry at each hit. Will this hit make me less baked than I am now?
  6. It hard for me to get high at all anymore because I seem to be imunne. I was sort of imune when i first started smoking and have only been doin it for like 4 years.:(
  7. problem solved ... but i need someone to donate me their brain.
  9. that's never happened to me, but I still get those fucking sneezes....I'll smoke, get high, and then about half an hour later, I'll sneeze and my high will instantly be sucks!

  10. Got a good one for ya! One owner, rarely used!

    Many moons ago I had this phenom happen to me. But not in a long time. I reach a certain point of highness and know that any more is overkill. Only good for sleep or endless staring.

  11. yea it takes a lot for me to get high too now. and ive only been smokin for like almost 3 years. it fuckin sucks. and i hate it when you smoke and you dont end up gettin high and then you feen... and theres no more bud. that fuckin sucks too. all you people that say that you smoke to a certain limit and anything passed that is too much, your all fuckin lucky. i dont think ive ever had that point. i dont know. there is no limit.
  12. I didn't need the brain for myself... I traded it to some guy for a Oz.
  13. I can only get high to a certin point now....After a while, i can only reach a certin plateua of highness.... it's annoying, i need to take a break but really don't want to.
  14. This has never happened to me, but it has to some of my friends. They said that it sux. Sorry you had to deal with it. I hope I never do.
  15. damn thats must of sucked....
  16. sorry to hear this :(
    never happened to fact, i've been so high that i was unable to stand up without falling down :)
    but i've never smoked myself sober...thank goodness :)
  17. me, sweetest song to listen to while, and after smoking...totally trippy
  18. i've never smoked myself sober but i've noticed the last few yrs i've had to cut back or stop for a bit to get high again. u learn to live with it lol.
  19. yeh, happens to me alot when I hit the steam roller ;(
  20. Never in thirty years have I had that happen...Weed is like speed for me!!!!!

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