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Has sum1 ever used u for weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by H4ZER, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. #1 H4ZER, Jan 26, 2010
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    Where ppl use to use you for your weed.or was friends with u for your weed

    I had this 1 time were when i at school i had brougth some weed to school and started selling and stuff.And this one kid who i didnt like started hanging out with me and stuff and he did'nt live that far from me i mean there this cut i could take to get to his hood.And he started inviting me over to his house to smoke and stuff.And we started being coold and stuff.So one day he was like lets go to your house and smoke since you have alot of weed.(i did cause my dad smokes it so i got it from him)so we walked to my neighborhood and we were at this old broken down park in my hood(yes it was like a community park)so i had a joint rolled in some brown paper bag paper(im a newbie memba but now i smoke it in cigarette papers and plastic wraps)so he was like let me get a hit(it kinda bothered me he could'nt wait since i was letting him smoke with me for free and he had his little brother and HIS FRIEND with him so they could smoke too.and they all took a hit out of i gave them my entire stash of loud(light green weed with small buds its what black ppl love smoking and its strong)so they could roll them a fat 1 and they didnt even use all of it they used a small bit and im guesing he put the rest in his pocket.since he didnt use all of the stuff i gave him.I had him roll me up 1 and he was like i cant have any since i rolled it for u so again i let him take like 3 hits of mine and so did his brother and his friend too so i took sum hits and his bro tried to run off with it so we caught him and my friend ran off with it too we caugth him then they started FIGHTING OVER 1 SMALL JOINT.MY lil bro was with me and he got the joint in his hand and was about to give it to me when they tackeled him and he dropped it and no1 could find it after that and one of them hit me in the nose with there knee wen they were fighting for it.That shit wasnt cool i let them smoke with me and thats how they treat me.there friend was like WHY DO YOU GUYS ALWAYS DO THIS EVERYTIME U GET HIGH.he ment fighting over weed FUCKIN POTHEADS.IM NOT A POTHEAD IM A WEED SMOKER THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE.So i think he had found it cuz he wanted to leabe kinda quickly.And i was so pissed i was about to kick all there asses.And ever since then he has been TRYIN to bully me he abit bigger and he thinks im scared of him but im not infact me thinking about what happened makes me wanna beat the shit out of him.hes always talking shit to me and pushing,but he aint never punched me or fucking slapped me so he was just using me i wish i never got caugth up with a guy like that.And this happened like in october or november.and if he tries me 1 more time what do you guys
    think i should do.

    He always wants to fight in the bathroom and i was like y dont we fight in the hall he said cause he dont want to get suspended.and I WASL IKE FUCK YOU IF YOU CAN PUSH ME INFRONT OF PPL U CAN FIGHT ME INFRONT OF PPL.And we went 15 in the bathroom he fuckin wrestled me he never hit me in the face i was hitting him in the face but he wrestling and i had my book bag on and he was hitting me in the body so i could'nt fight him head up cause i wasnt getting no dame thrill from it.Then he got me buy my bookbag and threw me on the ground and was hitting me again in the body so went i got back on my feet and got him in the corner and he knew i was about to fuck his face up he said i quit i gotta go to class.dats a bitch move cuz when i was about to hit him he said he quit.then he was telling ppl he beat my now what should i do he is pissing me off ima fight him and kill him he cant fight he wrestles and can whoop his ass he is a pothead so he has no stamina i do im active so i can last longer.and im not gonna have my bookbag what should i do and has sum1 ever used u for wweed
  2. #2 Timeconsumer420, Jan 26, 2010
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    LOLWUT? I suggest you stop being a little hoodgangsta and spend more time in your english class.

    Hoodgangsta? Disrespect and name-calling don't float here. Please refrain from it in the future. *RMJL
  3. What are u talking about how am i being a gangsta.
  4. First off you should fuck him up, you should have fucked him up when he called its quit. You can't call time outs in war. Whats the kid going to do when he is in an alley getting mugged go " Oh I quit I left a roast in the oven" no he is going to get robbed. Then he is going around bragging about how he kicked your ass??? He bitched out and called it quits Thats an automatic loss in my book.

    Second, far as I know iI have not been used for weed...........yet(somethings are enevtible, you got bud, and people want bud.)

    on a side note:

    Should work out a clever a line. If you corner him and he says i quit you should say

    quitters always lose........or

    You can't quit when your knocked out..

    I could usually think of better ones, these low quality ones sorry
  5. learn some MMA submission techniques,, u only really need to know a few basic holds and a few ways to take the person to the ground and get a choke hold in..
  6. #6 GTX, Jan 26, 2010
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    LMAO.... I stoped half way thru due to confusion and bad grammer.

    Next time, rather than disrespect the OP, just don't post if this is all you have to offer. *RMJL
  7. #7 Deleted member 30133, Jan 26, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2010

    Haha man you are a dumbass.

    Name-calling doesn't float here. *RMJL
  8. I closed this because our community isn't a place where we want to promote violence and that's the direction this was going in.

    Also, name-calling and disrespect don't float here and will get you banned quicker than anything else. If that's how you want to treat people then this isn't the place for you. There are plenty of forums out there that thrive off of hateful, negative, disrespectful posts...this isn't one of them.
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