Has Mary Jane Changed You

Discussion in 'General' started by weed420, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. ok the reason i made this thread was becuase it has for me i m the type of the guy that gets nervous very easy dont really know now that i smoke im really laid back and really mellow i love mary jane.......has weed changed you and if so how
  2. yes it has kinda.

    im still in highschool. i dont "appear" to be the stoner type (or so im told). people for the longest time had no clue. once people figured it out it was a big deal.

    now in school im seen as a stoner. im ok with that. if people wanna pass judgement on me because i just like to smoke pot then fuck them. i dont like poeple who pass easy judgement. pisses me off.

    also has some downsides... i smoke too much. i know this because when i take breaks my withdrawl effects SUCK! i dont get withdrawls unless ive stopped for 48 hours. then i loose my appetite, cnat sleep, severe dry motuh, and restlessness. also seem to stress alot more without it.

    the reason i started smoking was to realive stress. my step-dad was very abusive and i was stranded there. after i turned 17 i moved out. but i had a fucked up life for 3 years because my step dad went crazy. it was the worst expierence for me ever. i started smoking pot. it worked for what i wanted it for.
  3. Without sweet Mary Jane my OCD and ADD would be out of control like they used to be and i would be nervous and feel on edge all the time like i used to. Mary Jane had changed my life so much, without weed i would be medicated all the time by prescription drugs that fuck with my head and make me crazy.

    Yes, Mary Jane has changed my life big time.
  4. I was alot more aggressive before my love of mary, she has calmed me and taught me better problem solving skills :)
  5. i feel that when i'm using like ofr 2 weeks after i'm a complete asshole ( not complete just more than normal). I'm an asshole, then like three mins later irealize it and go apologize. I fell mj has made me wurse for the wear. they cloud my brain and make me feel strange and semi distand for a day or two after. but its soooo damn fun while i'm doing it
  6. mary jane has change me for the good, i feel i can see from other peoples perspectives when using and that feeling trancferes when im sober. so i have become more understanding of others and thier ways, doesnt mean i changed my life style, just my perspecive on how life should be dealt with.
  7. it changed me , im now happier and all around calmer

    I also had mild Schizophrenia, but after MJ we are ok now J/K
  8. I used to have a really short temper, and I have ADHD and was clinically depressed. I'm a lot better now, I can feel laid back and calm. I've learned to take things as they come, and to have a basic faith in coming through it all okay.

    Although, I kinda do things without thinking about them now, I'll just say something random in class and people will be like "what the Fuck?"
  9. I feel ya homie, same shit happened to me just at an earlier age. Mj has definately changed the way I think, it has made me alot more open minded about things. Also its a great stress reliever as alot of you already mentioned.

    Blaze on :smoke:
  10. HELL YES MARY CHANGEd ME!!! Im much more polite to the people making my food now cause im so damn hungry!
  11. I had manic depression, shizophrenia, A.D.D. and mild OCD. I've never had a problem with any of that whenever I smoke frequently...

    The biggest think about weed that's changed me though is its made me a kinder person... I used to be a complete ass hole, and have fun with it. Now I just like to be in the nature and help people :)

    I used to steal... now I give.
    I used to hate... now I love.
    I used to hit... now I hug.
    I used to spit... now I kiss.
    I used to care... now I just stare...


    Love & Peace
  12. haaha, It didn't really change me only helped with the insomnia.
  13. duude it changed me alright like after my 3rd time smoking i had already smoked for like 3 days straight right those days were my 1st and second times and after that....i had a different outlook on life....i felt different....i started to feel better about things, im happier, i just am also very laid back and i ponder things a lot...its weird but it feels great, its the best thing that ever happened to me and i love it
  14. i used to be a pretty fucked up person. i always hated everyone around me, i hated life itself. i always wanted to go on a shooting rampage because i just didnt give a fuck and i wanted everyone to see how fucked up my life was. then one day my friend rolls me a j, tells me it will change my life forever, and we toke. 15 minutes later, im the happiest, calmest motherfucker that you have ever seen. if you ever seen one of those corny ass commercials with a person frolicking in the middle of a field, that is me. mary jane has made me a better person, and i will never give it up.
  15. I'm alot more positive of a person and i'm in a good mood alot more regardless of if i'm high or not. I also think its made me alot more interesting. instead of just sitting around with my friends and playing video games i'm more likly to go have an adventure or something. definitly gives me alot of crazy stories to tell. Its also made me alot more layed back. I mean i'm still motivated but i just take things as they come and I don't get angry when stupid stuff happens because i figure the universe unfolds as it should. I also care less about what other people think of me, which is definitly good. I used to worry alot about everything all the time and now even when i'm on an extended break i just don't worry about life, i just roll with the punches. Definitly been a good thing for me. The comraderie aspect is also great. its like being a member of a secret society.
  16. i think its made me dumber. if i chill for a week or so i seem to sharpen back up. but i deffinatly feel slower since i started
  17. i used to be a little faster, but whatever. I always lacked common sense, and still do. I'm booksmarts and that's it. Anyways, i'm more laid back and talkative. i smoke and use clear eyes before i go on dates and it works magnificently. i definitely hang out with more of a variety of people now. Overall, good changes in my opinion.
  18. Same goes for me.

    Also, All throughout elementary and middle school I was really violent, but as soon as I started smoking pot, I stopped being violent. Now, when I tell my friends that I was a violent child, they dont believe me.. because I am always so calm now.
  19. Mary Jane has changed me for the better helped me see things more clearer than I used to at First I use to care what people said and did and how they were thinking about me but now I just dont give a fuck I am aslo a hermit now I have no freinds but Maryjane and God yes I am happy
  20. Weed has made me all around better person, it has made me see others ways and not be judgemental of others and why others do things. Infact it has made me a very good person, i do what is humble and right, i have came closer to god and see things i would never if i never was on Mj.People that dont smoke would be like, ye cause ur seeing shit cause ur stoned, geting high made me think of things that are true, now i think about what i should do for myself and others not just me. infact i now stand up for marijuana rights and tell everyone about the truth about her not jsut the bullshit Government has said over 70 years. yes people judge me cause i got long hair and is very cailm and wear tons of jimi hendrix shirts ( i own 15 jh shirts...lol) anyhow it's weird how this plant has made me such a good person and has made me more real life view and not just a judgemental asshole like 99% of people are like. it makes me want to make a lil camp just for pot smokers cause at least we arent evil and mean like most people are! anyhow i love how mj has made me so much better and closer to god than ever before.

    -Burned Haze

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