has anyone

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  1. ever smoked while taking a shit? Not gunna lie i just did it. hahahahaha
  2. no
    but thanks for the discomfort
  3. I don't think I've even taken a shit while I was high...
  4. i couldnt help it, i had been vapin in my bathroom cuz i was sketch about RA's earlier plus i was already hella high and i left ate some food came back and looked up and was like hmm theres still a little bowl, why not. It was well worth it
  5. It becomes part of your routine as you get older.

  6. ^^^THIS
    I do it every morning:)
    Nothin gets that turd flyin better than a good cough from a monster bong rip:yay:
    +1 for the wake n bake shit:metal:
  7. It's pretty much the only way I could smoke this week with my stomach flu
  8. lmfao, this thread is funny.
    and no, ive never taken a shit while smoking. i cant, my rents would smell the smoke even if i opened the window. i will do it 1 day tho. 1 day....
  9. shit you guys are missing out.
    i did this probably 2 years ago. chillin playin video games while packing a bong and i get that familiar rumble in the bowels. the idea popped in my head to hit it while droppin a bomb and i just had to.
  10. blunts and brown. every morning i dont have work or school, lol.
  11. Thanks everyone, now I don't have to worry about eating lunch anymore:p
  12. thats fuckin hilarious blunts and brown
  13. funniest thing ive read in ages +rep
  14. i toke on the crapper also, i like to call it the "shit n hit" :)
  15. god i love this thread. Last night i was hella blazed when i posted it and kept checkin back thinkin to myself damn i guess im the only one : ( i need to try out the bong rip shit sounds like it helps get things moving. I also need to start smoking when im having that morning aftershit because i cleaned out my kitchen the night before
  16. i have smoked pot on the pot

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