Has anyone tried those new Gunnar gaming glasses?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Dannyscott, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Just heard about these gunnars that are supposed to amplify your visual experiance with games, you know the relieving of fatigue of your eye from staring at a burning screen 8 hours of the day and improve contrasts and effects of what your watching. They're not to expensive and wondering if anyone here is pondering the same thing or tried them already.


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  2. cool stuff, but some clear eyes always does the trick for me when im 10+hrs on the cpu straight.
  3. I've done that to, but even when my eyes are red from toking I hate using eyedrops let alone using them for just looking at screens. I don't fancy putting anything in my eye.
  4. Used to work at Best Buy, and me and the other employees had a bet...

    Whoever sold a single pair of Gunnar Glasses got $100. After a year, we still had the same pair sitting on the shelf. Waste of money IMO.
  5. ^ Yeah, do people seriously buy these?
  6. I've only known 1 Person to buy them. Next day, we took them back.
  7. my cousin has a pair, used them during a gaming session of 7 hour. personally i think they work really good. i usually cant sit there and just game for more than like 3 hours due to my eyes. was able to go 7 hours with no problem..

    Thinking about gettin a pair myself

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